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Manage Documents Effectively in a Collaborative Environment

When creating a new project or updating an old one, the ideal is to have as much input from a variety of perspectives as possible. However, this could potentially lead to a “too many cooks in the kitchen” situation which in turn could lead to a mistake or oversight resulting from managing documents.

Unlimited file versioning with Citrix ShareFile acts as a buffer to this potential for accidental overwrites by maintaining all previous drafts of a file in its revision history. This means if you want to revisit an idea your co-worker suggested in version three of your document and your team is currently editing version 10, you can still easily reference that earlier draft with just a few clicks.

ShareFile and StorageZones

ShareFile also offers a flexible data storage plan that helps you manage documents and set your plan’s preferences to meet the specific requirements of your business for data sovereignty, compliance, performance and costs. You can store data on location at your business site, in the cloud or in a combination of the two. More storage options means even fewer restrictions on how many rewrites and creative spins on content you can play around with for your latest presentation.

Other secure document management advantages

Technological advancement is beneficial for a business’s productivity, but it does raise concerns over keeping security measures up-to-date to combat new potential threats. That’s where we’ve got your back.

Our easy-to-use system offers data protection that’s specific to your business’ needs, including the ability to encrypt stored data with your own encryption keys as an increased security measure. This extra security combines with our own industry-standard encryption protocol to give your stored information a double encryption.

ShareFile has other advanced security features that include a remote wipe tool, passcode protection, device lock, user-specific permissions and the option to set individual share link expirations.

Stay organized and in control

Mistakes happen. They’re inevitable, especially when multiple people are editing a file. But they can be avoided by the proper document management ShareFile offers you and your team.

Stay in control when managing a collaborative project with a file management system from ShareFile. Find out how you and your team can benefit from our customizable, secure cloud storage and file sharing today. 

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