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Digital File Cabinet Software

A digital file cabinet software is a solution if you want to manage your files on a local network. That means your IT staff has to defend it. Securing digital assets is critical and even more so when files require regulatory compliance. Sometimes it's cheaper, easier and safer to get up your files online.

Do we need a digital filing cabinet?

If you want to secure and share digital documents, chances are good you need a digital filing cabinet. How to deploy the right software is where the questions come in.

Software Applications

There are some good applications, but first you have to decide how you want handle your digitized documents.

  • Will you set up your document system on your local network or online?
  • Do you have an overarching structure for how documents will be stored?
  • Is the system administrated or will users manage file storage and sharing at will?

The software that you buy would probably be used locally. That puts you in charge of securing those files. The more confidential data you manage, the higher the security concerns. When you have unmonitored devices (smartphones, remote users on personal computers) with a need to access files, it heightens the risk.

Secure Storage

ShareFile is a cloud-based secure storage platform for business documents. Moving your documents to the cloud offers a level of protection hard to maintain in house. But creating a company wide file system takes some planning and preparation.

Start with a Plan

How will you create file hierarchy? It's a best practice to pull together key stakeholders when your designing your file structure to avoid confusion or disruption later on.

For example, you want an "Accounting" folder. One of the sub folders is "Vendors." There's also a "Marketing" folder. Their subfolders are broken out by project. Does a vendor invoice go there or is it only stored in Accounting?

Customizable permissions and security settings at ShareFile will help eliminate redundancies. Marketing users can be given permission to view certain files in Accounting folders. Accounting might also want to create subfolders for vendors by operation.

Current System or New?

You may already have a file storage system in place. If so, there's just one thing to assess — its functionality. If it's working, great. You're set. If it's gotten out of control, you may want to start fresh.

Take a look at where your system has broken down. Think about how to use ShareFile's workflow and industry-specific compliance tools to create a more robust structure.

You can always access our support team 24/7 if you need guidance or suggestions on setting up your system.

Digital file cabinet software isn't the same as secure document management storage at ShareFile. Why not try our 30-day free trial and see what we can offer you?