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Develop Your Brand Voice in Social Media

What Defines a Brand?

A brand has two faces: the messaging and the visual. You can't effectively get to the visual without figuring out the message first. Once these two are in place, building your brand in social media has endless possibilities.

Expressing Your Brand

Your brand is a constant effort; the ongoing evolution of your brand will need structure. Consistency is certainly critical in expressing your brand. Without consistency in what we say, how we express it visually, and the experience we hope to create, a brand is only hobbling along.

Three Cs of a Brand Voice

A brand voice is really the tone that you're trying to set. Social media is the perfect stage for testing out and gaining your own brand voice. Here are three important things to think about in understanding your brand voice.


Conversation will build rapport with the person you're talking to and engage them in your brand.


Every company has a definable culture. Being aware of what your company culture is will factor into how you find your brand voice.


You have to understand your customers, what influences them, what their interests are, and the communities they associate with.


Everybody wants quality in business. We want to do quality work, build quality products, and make quality relationships. It can be argued that it's more valuable to make a lasting, quality connection with that perfect customers than it is to be "seen" by many customers.


In some businesses, quantity IS actually very important. Companies that are transactional in nature, who have shown that brand is really not as important, and who rely on volume may indeed want quantity over quality. But, something about that still feels shallow and you're better than that.

Social Media Brand Policy

Having a social media policy is important for all companies and absolutely critical for highly visible brands. If you don't have a policy, you don't have structure; this goes back to consistency.

Get everyone Involved

Employees make up the body of your company; they help implement your brand--especially through social media. By getting your employees involved online, you can increase the company's visibility and strengthen the company's brand.

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