Delight and retain your clients with a digitized insurance agreement experience

Modern digital experiences are making insurance transactions simpler and more convenient for customers and agents alike. But outdated signing processes often bring the flow to a stop. The need to print things out, put pen to paper, and fall back on manual workflows for signed documents slows agent productivity, delays the policy process, and can leave customers searching for a more customer-friendly provider.

Going digital isn’t just more convenient for customers and agents. It can also deliver a powerful bottom line impact. In fact, according to Applied Epic, the top global provider of insurance management solutions, digital-forward insurance agencies increase customer satisfaction and experience 158 percent higher revenue per employee.

RightSignature lets insurance companies evolve beyond pen-and-ink signatures with legally binding e-signatures that enable seamless agreement experiences. Integrated seamlessly with Applied Epic software, RightSignature enables agencies and brokerages to get contracts, applications, internal documents, and more filled out and signed quickly, easily, and securely.

Reduce Friction to Improve the Client Experience

Clients hate having to deal with piles of paper documents calling for pen-and-ink signatures. RightSignature lets you provide a fully digital signing experience that’s both convenient and legally binging.

  • Reduce sales cycle times. By eliminating the need to print, sign, and send paper documents, e-signatures help you give clients faster delivery of quotes and policies.
  • Simplify multi-party signing. When there are several signers involved or internal signoff is needed, RightSignature helps you keep the process moving with sequenced signing. Each party is notified automatically when it’s their turn to sign the agreement.
  • Package multiple documents for signature. To eliminate client confusion and reduce the number of signature requests clients get, RightSignature lets you package multiple documents in a single  document package (2:09).

Accelerate Agent Productivity

Modern digital experiences aren’t just better for customers—they also help your agents sell more policies and get more done for your business. As an Applied Epic Solution Partner, RightSignature integrates seamlessly to help your agency or brokerage operate at peak efficiency.

  • Automate paperless delivery of signed Applied Epic quotes. RightSignature enhances the efficiency of quote workflows with integrated automations that let you collect e-signatures directly from Applied Rating Services and pass completed documents to your Applied Epic account.
  • Cut down on paperwork and faxes. Insurance firms and agents can escape the expense, clutter, and confusion of printed documents by digitizing the signature and documentation process. Once documents have been signed, they’re automatically saved back to the same folder where they originated so you don’t have to keep moving files around.
  • Create time-saving templates. Easy-to-use tools let you create templates for frequently used forms and documents so you can send them for signature in just a few clicks without the need for repetitive manual preparation.

Speed the Policy Process

A faster policy process gets coverage in place for clients while allowing agents to move quickly to the next customer—a true win-win. RightSignature helps you do business at digital speed.

  • Streamline the signature and documentation process. Legally binding e-signatures and automated digital workflows save time and money by reducing paperwork and faxes.
  • Eliminate complex signature process paperwork and data entry. Guided signing workflows and sign-from-any-device capabilities help agents achieve faster turnaround time for documents—booking sales faster and making clients happier.
  • Ensure timely, complete signings. RightSignature gives agents complete visibility into the signing status so they can see at a glance whether the process has stalled. Automated reminders for unsigned documents help ensure that no unsigned document is overlooked.

Give your clients the modern digital convenience they deserve. Learn more about RightSignature—and choose the right plan for your insurance business.

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