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Custom Manufacturer Overcomes Outside Communication Hurdles with ShareFile

Poblocki Sign Company LLC is a leader in the design, fabrication and installation of architectural signage. Headquartered in Milwaukee, the custom architectural manufacturer offers exterior and interior signage as well as specialty displays and fabrications. Poblocki provides concept to comple-tion services including engineering and project management. Founded in 1932, the company has national sales and manufacturing offices in Chicago; Charlotte, North Carolina; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Orlando, Florida; Raleigh, North Carolina; and Indianapolis. It employs approximately 165 people as of 2015.


Many files that Poblocki needed to share securely with clients, customers, vendors and subcontractors were too large for normal email. The company needed something quicker than burning CDs and mailing them. The file-sharing service Poblocki leaders first tried was so incon-venient to access and manage that employees pursued their own options. This produced incon-sistency, inefficiency and an unprofessional external look for the company.


Needing a more secure, professional and mobile answer to their situation, Poblocki leaders chose ShareFile. Having already used other Citrix products, they found that ShareFile provided them with the similar ability as those tools did to address their concerns swiftly. Best of all, employees adopted using it with no problem.

"We wanted a solution that would cover four objectives and fit within our economic means: (1) be easy to use; (2) be easy to administrate; (3) offer security and maintenance (a business-level solution, not based on the individual); and (4) have mobility offerings. ShareFile was the best solution.”

-Chris Beacom, Director of Information Services


  • By attaching files to an email for upload and download, the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook makes file sharing easy for all parties.
  • Multi-stage projects are better organized for collaboration. Employees like having their own folders to store and give access to files to clients/customers. The ShareFile app also helps those with company-supplied mobile devices communicate on the go 24/7.
  • Upload files and download notifications have improved external communication by letting staff know exactly when files are added and read.

To learn more about what ShareFile can do for your organization, visit ShareFile for Manufacturing.