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How to Improve Collaboration: CPA Portal

The importance of having secure methods of communication when working with finances cannot be overemphasized. A CPA portal provided by software such as ShareFile offers significant security protocols for accountants and their clients to use during collaboration. There are a number of benefits for you and your clients to discover from a client portal for accountants (CPA).

So, how does this portal work?

Client portals can be viewed as a secure “alternative to e-mail for communicating and collaborating with clients.” No matter how many clients you have, using a portal can save you a significant amount of time for a range of tasks, including locating files in your archives and getting client signatures for documents you would normally have to make a trip to obtain.

The Journal of Accountancy describes the general way portals work:

● An accountant will upload a tax return—or other client information—to a secure Web site, where each client has a personal password to log in for retrieving information.

● When an accountant adds a new item or document, the client receives an instructional email about how to view it.

● An accountant can also customize many of these portals to parallel the account firm’s brand.

Client portals are generally user-friendly and can be set up in just a few minutes.

Looking for a simple and secure CPA portal?

Most accountants have used paper-based management methods at some point in their career—possibly still do. This method is inefficient and time-consuming for tracking archives and managing information like tax returns. That’s allowed digital portals to gain popularity.

5 benefits of the client portal from ShareFile.

If you’ve considered making the switch to an electronic portal, look no further than Citrix ShareFile for a quality client portal for accountants. The benefits of our portal include the following:

● Streamline collaboration—Accountants are able to provide clients with a user-friendly and secure way to share and receive tax returns, QuickBooks files and other documents.

● Unlimited users—With unlimited client users, this provides a time-saving method for efficient and effective collaboration no matter how big your client list becomes.

● Accurate tracking—Our advanced, detailed reporting tools enable accountants to easily track and audit all account activity.

● Customizable look—The portal can be customized to look like it's an extension of your company’s site, rather than a separate service.

● Safe and secure—

○ All files stored in the portal are transmitted with 128-bit SSL encryption, and all our data centers are SSAE 16 accredited to ensure your data is fully secure.

○ ShareFile supports HIPAA compliance.

○ Granular folder-level permissions within the portal ensure clients are only able to see folders they’ve been granted specific access to view.

The CPA Practice Advisor recently reviewed ShareFile. It found that our software is best fit for “firms who would like a simple and secure tool for storing and exchanging files with clients, staff, and vendors.” We offer a variety of feature packages and pricing levels, so you can find the right fit for you business.


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