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Enhance Your Workflow With Construction Management Software Tools

For many in the construction industry, integrating new technologies such as construction management software is a change that’s become increasingly popular to streamline processes. If your business needs a little push to embrace new technologies, consider the alternatives and learn about how mobile solutions can benefit your daily workflow and operations.

How do you convince team members to actually start using new technological solutions? Construction Business Owner recommends having a “trusted team member who is heavily relied upon to ensure projects run smoothly” try out a new solution to see how it can reduce recurring issues or simplify that individual’s workload firsthand. The idea is to “allow that to be the catalyst for getting project teams on the path toward tech-enhanced processes.”

With most people using mobile devices these days, it’s common to integrate mobile technology into the daily workflow of construction companies and firms to save both time and money with “on-site access to the latest drawings, specs, contracts and other communications.” Instead of waiting on one team member to complete the latest designs, drawings or notes for a project, you can coordinate and share ongoing drafts easily.

Five mobile tech features to benefit your construction business

Do work faster, better, easier — Forget time consuming paper-based methods, shipping and FTP services. You can cut down on expenses normally incurred by costly servers and shipping costs (e.g., postage, couriers).

Share 24/7 — Multiple users can exchange ongoing drafts easily from any location, anytime. They can share notes, revisions and questions quickly and securely.

Get automatic alerts — Users receive instant email notifications about file activity, including newly uploaded or downloaded files.

Makes file sharing user-friendly — Each user of FTP sites generally has to create a username, password and enter exact website information to access files being transferred, which leaves room for error. Instead, keep it simple with a mobile service with a user-friendly interface.

Prioritize security — The increase in workplace BYOD (bring your own device) means more risk for your business’s sensitive and confidential information, so it’s crucial to employ a file-sharing service that automatically encrypts all your data.

Increase productivity with our easy-to-use mobile solution

At Citrix ShareFile, we understand that time is money in construction and want to help with our user-friendly, cost-effective mobile construction solution that has these benefits:

Upload and transfer large files up to 100 GB quickly.

Share files and project folders with groups or individuals easily.

Set permission controls so only specific individuals or groups can see shared information.

Send automatic alerts to team members when new documents are uploaded.

Track all file activity, including downloads and changes.

Enjoy mobile access to share files from your mobile device from any location.

Send files to anyone who has a web browser ― no software, plug-ins or passwords needed.

Use our easily downloadable ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook to attach large files to normal emails

Get a construction management software solution that improves your business’s productivity instead of inhibiting it. Contact us to learn more about how we help improve communication for your construction firm today.