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Construction Firms Save Time and Money with ShareFile

Construction professionals are often faced with a number of unappealing options for sending and receiving large files. FTP is cumbersome and can complicate the file transfer process. Consumer-focused products don’t offer protection for confidential and proprietary company or client information. Email is inadequate for sending large files. Printing and sending CDs with project files is costly and inefficient. Anyone tasked with transferring CAD drawings or large PDF files needs a tool that will share data with clients, vendors and partners quickly and consistently, regardless of file size or confidentiality

Citrix ShareFile is that tool. Construction professionals can work smarter and more efficiently by tossing aside other, problematic file-transferring “solutions.” A cloudbased solution built specifically for business, ShareFile is the easiest way to securely share business files with one person or a hundred. ShareFile does not require subcontractors, vendors or partners to install software; a web browser and an Internet connection is all that is needed. In addition to an easy-to-use web portal, ShareFile Sync, the ShareFile Desktop Widget and mobile apps make it even easier to access to data from anywhere.

Improve day-to-day business operations

ShareFile allows secure file sharing inside and outside of the office. Sending files back and forth across email can become tedious, especially when transferring large file types that construction firms commonly use. ShareFile solves the problem of limited email size restrictions by allowing users to easily send and receive files up to 10 GB. ShareFile increases efficiency because daily workflow is never interrupted due to a lengthy installation or configuration process. The ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook allows users to email a secure link to download or request a file. Recipients receive a link to download sent data, with no need to mess with FTP or other cumbersome file-sharing methods. Less disruption means quicker implementation and less user hassle.

+ Powerful tools easily integrate ShareFile into workflow

+ Individual file sending capability up to 10 GB (competitors limit to 2 GB)

+ Dedicated account manager to help with setup and support

Sync and Collaborate Immediately

For completely painless file sharing, ShareFile provides the ability to sync a user’s ShareFile folders online with their computer files. Flexible sync options make it possible to control exactly what data will be automatically updated. Choosing either a ShareFile folder or a local folder as the source allows users to mirror that folder in either location, and two-way sync capability makes it easy to update files in both locations. Changes to each folder are automatically recognized and adopted to the other, so users can be confident that they are working on the correct version of a file. In the event of a lost or stolen device, IT can remotely remove files and company data synced with ShareFile.

+ Sync any device with user files

+ Selective offline access on mobile devices

+ Enable file sharing with anyone

+ Data protection – encryption, lock, wipe

Utilize powerful security precautions

CAD drawings and contracts often contain projectsensitive and confidential information, making security an important concern for construction firms. ShareFile protects files during transfer using up to 256-bit AES encryption and SSL or TLS encryption protocols and employs 256-bit AES encryption for stored files. The latest firewalls and Internet security updates ensure that ShareFile keeps data completely safe.

Customize branding and reporting

ShareFile enables full customization of the online workspace. A ShareFile designer will create a custombranded web portal with a company’s logo and information. This allows construction firms to present ShareFile as their own branded service.

Intuitive reporting tools, workflow audit trails, configurable permissions and remote wipe functions give insight into and control over who, when and how often corporate data is accessed and handled.

Seamless integration for increased functionality

ShareFile eases the hassle of sending large and confidential files. Construction professionals can now send plans to subcontractors, proofs to printers or bid packages to other firms effortlessly, without the headache of security concerns. Built specifically with businesses in mind, this customizable file-sharing solution is a welcome addition to any construction organization.

+ Microsoft Outlook integration

+ Large file support up to 10 GB

+ Mobile apps for anytime access

+ Robust reporting, notifications, folder permissions

+ Custom-branded web interface

Learn more about how construction professionals can exchange large or confidential files easily and professionally with ShareFile. Try it free today!