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Cloud-Based File Sharing from Citrix ShareFile is a Better Way to Compress PDF Files

On computer monitors, things are not always as they appear. That’s why a PDF, or Portable Document Format, is the preferred way to view a document exactly as it would appear if it were printed on paper.

But as handy as they are, PDFs can use up a lot of space to store and send. That’s why you may be forced to compress a PDF file before doing anything with it.

There are a few different ways to compress a PDF. One is to just bypass it altogether. By using a cloud-based file-sharing program like Citrix ShareFile, there’s no need to compress a PDF file. Just sit back and decompress while we do the work for you.

The compressed capabilities of PDF files

Compressing a PDF file is relatively easy and can happen in just a minute or two. It may involve downloading a tool, but a PDF compression can often take just a few clicks.

But despite their ease of use, PDF file compressions have their limitations. So what are they, and how can you avoid them with ShareFile?

Editing ability

A PDF is a read-only version of a file, meaning the document cannot be modified. That’s great for security reasons but inhibits editing or collaborative efforts. With ShareFile, you can still make changes to stored files without compromising security.

Limited support

Many devices are unable to display PDF files. These include smartphones, tablets and even some desktop operating systems. With ShareFile, you can upload, send or access files from any device with an Internet connection.


PDF files are not always compatible with all operating platforms. ShareFile integrates with Microsoft Outlook for a seamless workflow and can sync up to folders on your desktop or mobile device.

ShareFile makes it easy to upload, store and send files without having to jump through any hoops demanded by PDF file compressions. Give us a try free for 30 days to see how.

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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