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A Collaboration of (Software) Sorts

If your boss has ever tasked you to work on a single project with colleagues, you know the hardships of collaborating. Scheduling conflicts, multiple drafts and other factors complicate fulfilling the objectives. Fortunately, many technologies now offer collaboration software; this software creates a collaborative working environment, affording people the ability to work together irrespective of their locations.

These cloud-based software solutions give unparalleled access and insight in real time to any document shared within the platform. Everyone is noting the modifications, interacting with one another, integrating ideas and suggestions, and coordinating the workflow from concept to final product.

As is true with all technology, all software is not created equal.

The term “collaboration software” can be in some ways a contradiction. Great collaboration happens when it’s free flowing, simultaneous and without restrictions. However, too many software programs are none of those things. Limiting the capabilities of your software means restricting the potential of your collaboration.

Citrix ShareFile is collaboration software without the restrictions.

ShareFile: Not your typical collaboration software

There are a number of areas in which collaboration software falls short, and ShareFile has an answer for each.

● File transfer size. How can you collaborate on a large file if you can’t first transfer a large file? Share files of up to 100 GB with ShareFile.

● Limited device access. Installed collaboration software restricts users to only access and collaborate from work computers. ShareFile is cloud-based, allowing for remote collaboration from a host of devices.

● Security. You need to share files to collaborate, but you can’t grant access to just anyone. Security measures from ShareFile include AES 256-bit encryption, customizable user settings, regular backups to multiple secure datacenters and more.

● Versioning. The trouble with collaboration software is that once changes are made to a file, you lose the original version. With the file versioning feature from ShareFile, you can easily view old versions to compare changes.

● Accountability. It helps to know who has modified a file, when they’ve done it and what changes were made. ShareFile tracks all activity that happens within a file and alerts you when modifications are made.

● User Synchronization. Some collaboration software allows only one user to work in the file at a time. ShareFile gives you the ability to have multiple users working in the same file simultaneously for real-time collaboration.

● Versatility. ShareFile doesn’t require any special programs to edit and collaborate. Do everything you need with your existing WebDAV clients such as Windows Explorer, Mac Finder, Microsoft Office or a mobile app.

Good collaboration is how business gets done. And ShareFile is what makes good collaboration possible. See why 67 million people have used software from ShareFile for collaboration.

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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