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Cloud Storage Reviews: Finding the Best Fit

Everyone strives for perfection, though many would argue it’s unattainable. Whether that’s true, it doesn’t stop people from trying to achieve it. For cloud storage providers, this means providing the best possible service.

The challenge is to review all the information from each provider and find the service that best fits what your business needs. Questions to consider include:

Is it easy to install? By its basic design, cloud storage is supposed to simplify and lessen your business’s workload. Therefore, that system should be easy to use starting from the moment you sign up with a service? Installation should be quick and successful on the first try.

Is it secure? Your data’s security should always be a top priority with any and every provider. Whether you’re storing sensitive or basic information, you should be able to say with full confidence that it’s all under lock and key 24/7.

Is it flexible? Your business is constantly evolving, so you need a storage service that can adapt to your needs no matter how big or small they are.

Is it customizable? No business is identical, which means the ideal is for cloud storage services to be customized to your specific preferences. You’ve worked hard tocultivate your business’s image. Why not find a storage system that can seamlessly integrate into the workflow behind that image?

Is it affordable? Prices vary among providers. Affordability depends on a range of factors, including your budget and what storage service features are most important to you.

One of the top cloud storage providers is Citrix ShareFile. As online reviews attest, it answers “Yes” to all these questions and provides much more.

Dave Mitchell, author at PC Pro, praises ShareFile as “a secure file-sharing service for your business.”

    ○“Unlike rivals that have evolved from a consumer product, ShareFile is built from the ground up for business. As a result, it also offers many features you won’t find elsewhere; for example, the range-topping Enterprise plan ... adds the option to use on-premises or cloud storage zones for file sharing. We also like that all the ShareFile plans include a branding service for portal and email customisation. This adds essential authenticity to emails, so they look professional and don’t get binned as spam.”

    ○ While Mitchell agrees that the price point of ShareFile is higher than other cloud services, he argues Citrix “justifies this by beating them soundly for features.”

Coloradogeek reviewed ShareFile on SpiceWorks, giving it 4/5 stars and stated, “Downside is that licenses are a bit pricy, and takes a star from the final verdict from me — but if you’re not worried about the per-user licensing costs, by all means stop reading this and get your setup ASAP. The on-site setup was straight forward and only took about an hour to finish for everything.”

If online reviewers think setting up and using ShareFile is easy and smart, why not do the same? Contact us to start your 30-day free trial of ShareFile today.

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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