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The Insider's Guide to Cloud Security

Cloud computing has exploded over the last few years, becoming a critical business tool for firms of all sizes. Cloud security is strong, keeping your critical business files safe by dispersing them over a network of computers.

However, many business professionals don't fully understand cloud security services or how cloud computing works. Find out what the cloud can do for you.

Why rely on cloud security over servers?

When cloud computing was in its infancy, security issues left many business owners looking from the sidelines. Secure servers were the trusted way to send, receive or store sensitive data. In fact, many companies banned employees from cloud computing due to lack of security.

However, the cloud is safer than ever. Some cloud-based file sharing and storage providers offer better security than File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers and higher speeds than Secure File Transfer Protocols (SFTP).

ShareFile is the cloud-based file sharing service trusted by 99 percent of Fortune 500 companies. Our industry-leading encryption meets the standards required by the government and HIPAA.

How secure is the cloud?

With the proper encryption, cloud-based services such as Citrix ShareFile can offer the same level of security you as servers. We rely on 256-bit encryption for storage, with each file receiving a unique encryption key. These keys are stored in a different location than the files themselves, offering even more protection.

For file transfers, we utilize 256-bit SSL encryption — the same type of security used by banks and many e-commerce sites.

Are there other advantages?

With concerns over cloud security mitigated, the advantages of cloud-based file sharing are clear. Uploading and transferring files takes less time using a service like ShareFile, eliminating frustrating timeouts or long waits.

With ShareFile there are no large software files to download and no complicated or outdated servers to maintain. Storing or sharing your data is as simple as pointing and clicking. We average a 99 percent uptime, meaning you’ll always have access to your important files.

Cloud-based file sharing services are affordable for even small businesses. At ShareFile, we can custom build a package that fits your brand for any size business. Let us help determine your secure file sharing and storage needs.

If any questions or issues arise, trust our 24/7, U.S.-based customer service help center. Our associates can answer any question you have about cloud security.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial of ShareFile today. For more information, call 1-800-441-3453 or visit ShareFile.com.

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