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Putting the Brakes on Cloud Data Security Issues

While many businesses have concerns about cloud computing security, in reality many cloud data security issues have been eliminated. With robust encryption and advanced hardware, cloud data solutions are some of the most secure, reliable and accessible available to businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Putting cloud data security issues to rest

For years, the trusted method of sharing and storing files was on internal servers. However, file transfer protocol servers have drawbacks, including speed and security.

While there used to be serious questions about cloud data security issues, online sharing services like Citrix ShareFile have perfected the method, offering quick and secure transfer of files. Many of these myths about cloud data security issues — like vulnerability and inferior protection — have been debunked.

How safe is encryption?

Encryption is the key to a safer cloud. ShareFile uses 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to protect files during transfer and 256-bit encryption while they are at rest. This class-leading encryption is the same type trusted by financial institutions and leading e-commerce sites. Encryption at this level all but eliminates cloud data security issues.

For example, 128-bit encryption uses almost 300 times as many combinations than basic 40-bit encryption, meaning it would take someone more than a billion years to crack the code.

Why cloud sharing is better than servers

Cloud-based file sharing offers security impossible for FTP servers and speed unmatched by SFTP. For this reason, cloud-sharing options like ShareFile offer the best of both worlds. ShareFile also provides secure storage at audited SSAE 16 type II data centers in the U.S and Europe, giving you peace of mind your files are secure at all times.

ShareFile offers 24-hour customer support every day, helping businesses save time and money.

Best of all, ShareFile offers affordable, customizable plans for businesses of all sizes.

Start your free trial of cloud data security without issues today. Sign up or call us at 1-800-441-3453.

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