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Secure Cloud-Based Storage for Your Business

The cloud. It’s a term that’s become so common, it’s now part of everyday conversation. For many, it inspires thoughts of some far-off place that holds all our files, photos and other data.

But what is it exactly? And where is it? Without knowing the ins and outs of a cloud-based service, it’s hard to feel confident that your data is completely secure.

Cloud-based storage generally involves a third party hosting your data in multiple servers at another location. This means you can access your data from any desktop or mobile device with Internet access, giving you a lot more flexibility for last-minute changes or quick alterations. It’s also an extra security measure for recovering data quickly and effectively in case of unexpected disasters.

Citrix ShareFile offers cloud-based storage designed specifically to meet the needs of businesses. We have four levels of file management plans with storage options that can even be set to unlimited capacity. Our system enables you to upload, store and send business files up to 100 GB with business clients and employees.

Five ways your business can benefit from cloud-based storage

In many ways, raising a business is like raising a child. You want to give it the best home possible with room to grow as big as it wants. The ideal storage option for businesses is a system that reduces the amount of time project members spend on file management and increases their focus on production work. Cloud-based storage does just that in the following ways:

● Gives a cost-effective option.

● Improves employee productivity and flexible access from any Web-based device.

● Provides a flexible alternative to meet with clients and vendors.

● Stores important and sensitive files in a secure location.

● Facilitates improved collaboration for team projects.

Interested in learning more ways your business can benefit from cloud-based storage? Contact us to start your 30-day free trial of ShareFile today.

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