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Back Up Your Business to the Cloud with Citrix ShareFile

March 31 was World Backup Day. The campaign is dedicated to getting people to back up the data stored on their computers and mobile devices. While family photos, music and emails are all important, the loss of business files can be especially damaging.

World Backup Day is long behind us, but it’s never too late to seek out a cloud backup service for your business like Citrix ShareFile.

Our cloud service has your business’s back

Ever lost your phone or had it stolen? According to World Backup Day, it happens 113 times every minute. Experienced a virus on your computer? One in 10 do so every month. Ever backed up your files? A staggering 30 percent of people have never done so.

No industry type or company size is immune to data loss, but a cloud backup service can save your business in the event of one. Here’s how ShareFile can protect your business:

● You are free to upload as many documents as you wish and keep them stored for as long as you want.

● Your data is protected by state-of-the-art encryption with both secure transfer and secure storage modes.

● Files are backed up to numerous datacenters, all with cutting-edge security.

● Files of up to 100 GB can be uploaded at a time.

● A versioning feature allows you to access previous versions of a document after changes have been made.

● Our customer support team is available by phone 24/7 should you ever need us.

● ShareFile easily integrates with your desktop and mobile device folders for seamless file backups.

● Our plan options cater in range from the self-employed to large businesses with thousands of employees and anywhere in between.

Hard drives don’t last forever. Flash drives can be easily lost. Either scenario can be devastating to your company.

Don’t let a data loss cripple your business. Use our cloud backup service free for 30 days under no obligation, and give yourself the peace of mind to focus on doing great work, not losing your old work.

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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