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Client Portals: There's No Place Like Home

If your business spends a lot of time sharing files among co-workers and clients, implementing a client portal can improve the way you do business and the satisfaction of your clients and co-workers. With customizable file sharing and storage solutions from ShareFile, you can take your client portal to the next level.

What is a client portal?

Client portals are secure online storage areas that businesses use in place of email to communicate and collaborate with clients. For business with large numbers of clients, portals can help save time and money by reducing the need to track down and print paperwork each time a client needs it.

CPA Practice Advisor notes that "portals represent a secure online space where practitioners perform transactions and exchange information with clients. A sound portal strategy means that firms can deliver documents, exchange data and collaborate with clients on work in progress."

While commonly used in accounting firms, many business can benefit from having a secure client portal.

The benefits of client portals

Client portals in any business setting should offer features such as safety and affordability, just to name a few. Citrix ShareFile recognizes the value of a good client portal and strives to make the user experience friendly for both you and your clients.

Below are the ways we aim to provide an exceptional client portal.


You wouldn't leave your windows open while you're away on vacation, would you? Likewise, we take appropriate measures to ensure your client portal is always secure.

Upon logging in, you'll be asked for multi-factor authentication, and you can adjust customizable security settings for further safety. Our security parameters extend even to mobile devices. That means just because you leave your desktop doesn't mean your security does, too.

The files you send may contain sensitive information, making security an important concern for businesses. ShareFile employs up to 256-bit AES encryption and SSL or TLS encryption protocols for all file transfers and 256-bit encryption for files stored on ShareFile’s servers. With ShareFile, your clients can rest easy knowing their documents are being kept safe and secure.


Do you have family photos hanging on your walls? Maybe some art on the refrigerator drawn by your children? You can get that same sort of personalized touch on your client portal with ShareFile.

We roll out a welcome mat by having our team of graphic artists incorporate your company brand, logos and colors into your client portal. You can even customize buttons to use language specific to your industry.

Also, we give you the ability to customize your entire workspace, which means you can present ShareFile to clients as your own branded service. Intuitive reporting tools, workflow audit trails and configurable permissions allow you to monitor who is viewing your data, and remote wipe allows you to wipe confidential information in the event of a security breach or stolen device.


You can't live in a house you can't afford. In that same spirit, we make moving into your client portal flexible and affordable by offering four distinct pricing plans with monthly or annual billing options. These include:

  • Personal ($16 per month billed annually) — This plan gives you all of the essential tools you need to get your business started.
  • Team ($60 per month billed annually) — With this plan, you get full file-sharing functionality and storage.
  • Business ($100 per month billed annually) — This plan is our most popular and offers comprehensive file sharing for highly collaborative teams.
  • Virtual Data Room ($295 per month billed annually) — This plan offers advanced security, sharing and control for sensitive documents and data.


Who doesn't love to host large gatherings? With ShareFile, you are free to do something similar online by hosting an unlimited number of client users to your portal.

By creating a client user account, you can limit their access to your documents and keep track of the documents they view. And with ShareFile + RightSignature, getting e-signatures from your clients has never been easier. You can select any file, designate the signers, type a subject and message and send straight to your clients from RightSignature. Your clients will have the ability to sign the document online — from any web browser or mobile device.

This video shows just how easy it is create a client user account and start sharing documents among your team and clients.

Use a client portal from ShareFile for accounting firms ...

A client portal from ShareFile allows clients to securely share and receive tax returns, QuickBooks files and other documents while sending all tracking info directly your way. Our team of graphic artists can even customize your portal to match your website.

Check out the video below to see how easy-to-use software from ShareFile helped Holdsworth & Co. — a firm based in Prescott, Arizona — take control of its workflow.

For law firms ...

With ShareFile, legal firms across the country are able to integrate workflows, send large files directly from email, work securely from anywhere and control the security of data. ShareFile offers industry-leading security in a customizable solution that integrates with the tools your firm already uses.

Watch the video below to see how ShareFile helped the legal firm of Smith Moore Leatherwood manage thousands of pages of documents during a transaction with a large Fortune 500 company.

And for financial firms

ShareFile is perfect for financial firms that need to send confidential documents quickly, easily and securely. And our client portal gives your clients an easy way to safely send documents to you. Whether you work in financial planning, banking or lending services, ShareFile can provide you with a way to keep your documents safe.

This video shows how ShareFile helped Cherokee Investment Partners store and share massive amounts of information with colleagues and clients.

Discover how ShareFile can work for your business

A ShareFile client portal isn't just for accounting, legal and financial firms. ShareFile provides custom file storage and sharing solutions to many other industries, including:

  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Real estate
  • Manufacturing

Start your 30-day free trial today

With your free trial, you will enjoy:

  • Unlimited storage/bandwidth up to 1 TB, depending on your plan
  • Five employee accounts
  • Custom branding
  • 24/7 telephone and email support
  • Encrypted transfer and storage
  • ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook
  • Desktop Sync
  • User Management Tool
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Encrypted email
  • File check-in/check-out

Sounds good? Try ShareFile free for 30 days under a trial with no obligations required to see how we make client portals feel like home for you and your customers.

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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