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Client Document Portal

You always want your business to make a great first impression with your clients. A client document portal is one way to do that. Look for a cloud-based file-sharing solution that helps improve your company’s workflow efficiency and offers the best in personalization, security and flexibility. Not to mention a great user experience.

What is a client portal?

A client portal is a Web-accessible, interactive tool on a secure website that is used for file sharing and storage. It is often an integral part of a business’s document management system between colleagues and customers. Not only is a portal a place to better secure your information, it’s also a place that is familiar to you, your employees and your clients. It's the one place that, no matter where you’re working, you have a bit of familiarity with.

Is a client portal secure?

A client portal requires various measures of security to make sure your documents are shared securely. Sharing secure documents online, even through a portal, requires that you take more care than merely emailing the information or using a free file-sharing website.

According to the Ponemon Institute, 37% of data breaches were malicious and 35% were merely human error or negligence.

With a ShareFile client portal, your files will be encrypted in transit using 256-bit SSL and industry-standard protocols. At rest, your files will be protected using AES 256-bit encryption, the same protocol used by the United States government to secure highly classified files. This is especially important to understand for regulated industries such as legal, healthcare, and finance.

How do I set up a client portal for my website?

ShareFile offers a simple way to add a client portal to your website. If you are a ShareFile customer, we will provide you with a snippet of HTML code to add to your website which will create a login form. This form will allow users to input their usernames and passwords to access the portal securely.

Personalized client portal login screen

We understand that most businesses do not have the time to implement a customer portal and then train employees how to use it. With our White Glove Setup, a ShareFile onboarding specialist will provide you and your team with a comprehensive breakdown of the settings and features available to your account. We can even help configure these settings according to your specific preferences.

What to Look for in a Client Document Portal

ShareFile fulfills a wish list of user-friendly features that are sure to make your client document portal a hit with team members and customers alike.


Your ShareFile customer portal is never more than a click away. Our cloud-based storage and versatile compatibility make for easy login ability no matter where you are. Tap in to your customer portal on a tablet while relaxing by the pool. Log in from your smartphone while in a cab or sign in from a home computer on a sick day.

If a device is lost or stolen, the information stored on it can be wiped or locked remotely so that the files may not be accessed. ShareFile backs up your files in SSAE 16 Type II accredited datacenters.

Additionally, ShareFile allows users to host an unlimited number of clients and an unlimited amount of storage.

Personal Branding

Some companies overlook the importance of making a strong impression with their portal, but it may be time for you to take notice. The portal is often the first thing users see during an interaction. It’s important for you and your clients to feel at home when you are working with sensitive files. For that reason, ShareFile offers complete customization. From the colors and logos to the buttons, the client document portal is easy to use and recognizable to clients.

The dashboard of a branded customer portal

At ShareFile, we serve a broad range of industries that all use their own terminology. For this reason, we make it possible for you to customize the buttons and tools within the customer portal. For example, an accounting firm may wish to change the name of a button from “Files” to something more specific such as “Tax Returns.” Meanwhile, an engineering company may want to call the same button “Blueprints.” This customization enhances the user experience and improves portal navigation.

Think of your client portal with ShareFile as the family mural that hangs above the fireplace. Don’t have a fireplace? Then consider it the background picture on your smartphone. It’s something that speaks to who you are, and that’s the sentiment ShareFile aspires to parallel.


When you’re on vacation, you lock your doors. Before you take a long road trip, you make sure everything is clean, clear and ready to go. ShareFile treats your secure documents in the same manner. Upon trying to log in, you’ll have to proceed through multi-factor authentications — and the security settings are customizable, too. ShareFile Sync ensures these features extend to mobile devices too by syncing data across devices, so even if you leave your computer behind, your documents and your security stays with you.

In addition to multi-factor authentication, you’ll be able to adjust your security settings to let your employees in and keep others out. Some of the security features offered by ShareFile include SSAE 16 datacenters, AES 256-bit encryption, disaster recovery centers throughout the United States and remote wipe capabilities.


The price of a client portal can be quite affordable, without sacrificing customization or ease of use. ShareFile offers plans for businesses of any size, from mom and pop shops to large corporations.

Personal Plan, $16 per month: Our personal plan is great for startups and small businesses. This plan includes one employee account, 100GB storage and a file size limit of 10GB.

Team Plan, $60 per month: Our team plan is great for growing businesses that need more storage and more employee accounts than the Personal Plan provides them. This plan includes five employee accounts, 1 TB storage and a file size limit of 10GB.

Business Plan, $100 per month: Our most versatile plan, and therefore most popular, the ShareFile Business Plan meets the needs of businesses of all sizes and includes five employee accounts, unlimited storage and file size limit of 100GB.

Virtual Data RoomThis plan provides advanced security for highly sensitive data and includes 5GB storage and file size limit of 10GB.

Each of these plans includes the implementation of a branded customer portal. You can learn more about the four ShareFile plans and their full features by referring to our pricing page.

Get Started with a Client Document Portal from ShareFile

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