Citrix ShareFile: Simple, secure file access with flexible storage options

Whether your business needs to maintain a data center, migrate to the cloud, or leverage the flexibility of a hybrid model, Citrix ShareFile has a solution for you.

Feature Cloud On Premises
Flexible Storage and Access
Securely access content from third-party services, including One Drive, Office 365, SharePoint, Documentum, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.
Drive Mapper
Connect a ShareFile account as a mapped drive on the Windows file system without performing a full content sync. Drive Mapper downloads and caches content as you access it. This is extremely beneficial for VDI environments. This feature supports access to files stored on network drives, SharePoint, and restricted StorageZones.
Ample Cloud Storage
Each ShareFile plan comes with plenty of cloud storage. Whether you want to use your account to keep just a few files or as a full backup, we can customize a plan just for you.
100 GB Purchase separately
Large-File Sharing
Securely send files up to 100 GB in a single email. Avoid file-size restrictions and sharing via USB drives and FTP.

Citrix-managed StorageZones: Store data to be stored in multiple Citrix-managed locations worldwide (Windows Azure and AWS) for optimal performance.

Customer-managed StorageZones: Store files in your on-premises data centers or Microsoft Azure or AWS.

Mobile Apps
Available for all iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry devices, get seamless access to all the files, folders, and features of your account on the go. Whether you need to browse, send, request files, or set folder permissions, you can do so right on your smartphone or tablet.
Mobile Editing
Edit any Microsoft Office document, spreadsheet, or presentation, and annotate any PDF—right on your smartphone or tablet.
Efficiency and Collaboration

Document workflows: Automate document-based workflows with approvals, feedback, annotations, and electronic signatures.

Approval workflows: Automate business procedures, activities, and processes.

Office 365 Editing*
Edit ShareFile documents in a web browser via Microsoft Office Online. Also edit ShareFile documents directly within Microsoft Office mobile apps on iOS and Android. *Requires Office 365 license.

(w/ OOS)
E-Signature Integration
Send files for secure, legally binding electronic signatures. The easy-to-use interface guides recipients through each field where they need to sign or initial.
File Check-In/Check-Out
Ensure that changes to files don't get lost when you're collaborating with a large team. You can simply check out a file to let others know you're working on IT, and then check it back in once you've saved your changes.
Outlook Plugin
The ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook allows you to insert links to files, upload and send new files, and request files directly from Microsoft Outlook email messages. You can have ShareFile convert all attachments (or just attachments over a certain size) to ShareFile links to avoid email bounce-back or annoying file-size restrictions. AES 256-bit encryption protects your files in transit and at rest.
ShareFile Desktop
Upload, download, send, and request files right from your desktop. Focused on speed and convenience, this app is a flexible way to manage your ShareFile account with drag-and-drop functionality, keyboard shortcut support, native interactions, and adjustable windows.
Efficiency and Collaboration    
ShareFile Sync
A native application available for both Mac and Windows, ShareFile Sync automatically synchronizes a local folder on your computer with folders in your ShareFile account in real time. It's the easiest way to keep files up to date on all of your devices.
Third-Party Integration
Integrates with Basepin, DocAuto, FotoIN, Gmail, Trumpet, BidPlanroom, Redtail, Fujitsu ScanSnap, and more.
Content Viewer
Preview multiple file types without the need to download the item or open a separate browser.
Full Text Search
Easily perform keyword searches to quickly locate ShareFile documents. You can also scan uploaded documents in our indexing servers to find files based on searchable terms.

Device Security
Remotely lock or wipe ShareFile data from any lost or stolen device to keep data safe, no matter what happens.

Poison Pill allows you to prescribe data expiration policies for mobile devices and activate audit controls to track user logging activity.

Restrict the use of modified or jailbroken devices.

Restrict the use of third-party apps that can store copies of sensitive business information, while providing built-in capabilities like a mobile content editor as a secure alternative.

With Passcode Lock, you can require users to enter a passcode (short PIN, or user-specified characters, or user password) every time they access their ShareFile account on a mobile device.

Data Loss Prevention
ShareFile integrates with popular DLP systems (Symantec Data Loss Prevention, McAfee DLP Prevent, Forcepoint) for customer-managed StorageZone deployments to restrict document sharing based on the file's DLP classification.
Encrypted Email
Encrypt the body of your message to any recipient. They don't need to have a ShareFile account to view or respond to an encrypted email. Encrypted files are transferred through ShareFile over a secure TLS connection and are stored at rest with AES 256-bit encryption.
Identity and Authentication
ShareFile supports single sign-on (SSO) with various identity providers (IdP) like NetScaler and XenMobile via Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 support. This includes support for Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and Azure AD.
Information Rights Management (IRM)
Follow-me security model that allows for security protections to continue being enforced no matter where the data goes. Control user access permissions online or offline, and revoke access to downloaded files.
Key Management Service (KMS)
ShareFile Key Management Service (KMS) uses master and data keys to secure content. After the data has been stored within the service in encrypted format, should someone gain access to the data, they wouldn't be able to open the file without having the ability to decrypt the secure file. This moves the control over encryption closer to the customer.  
& Password Policies
ShareFile provides flexible password policies to meet security requirements, along with account lock-out and session timeout settings.
Multi-Factor Authentication
Multi-factor authentication uses your phone or another device to provide an extra layer of security when signing in to your account on a new device. Available for both client and employee users, this feature sends a verification code via text message (SMS) or voice call after you enter your password to ensure that only you can access your account, even if your password has been compromised.
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