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Citrix ShareFile Helps Law Firms of All Sizes With Secure File Sharing and Storage

Send important documents — files, even videos — you need to exchange quickly with clients, counsel, paralegal and experts while ensuring the highest levels of ethics regarding client data. Using ShareFile lets you collaborate and share documents efficiently without creating breach scenarios, in a customizable solution that integrates with the tools you already use.

How ShareFile helps legal professionals

There is a productive, secure and easy way to share and collaborate with documents that can lead to increased margins and more billable hours — Citrix ShareFile. With ShareFile, you send and receive confidential information securely with customizable settings and high-grade encryption; simple implementation and usability; and convenient integration with Microsoft Outlook and other apps for easy two-way file transfer. ShareFile lets you control and track who sees nonpublic personal information while supporting compliance with industry regulations, such as HIPAA, HITECH, CFPB and more.

Regardless of who uses a computer, smartphone or tablet, everyone in your firm can securely access, share, edit and store files whenever and wherever they want on a mobile device. Documents are encrypted on your device, which can have its access revoked and documents wiped in case it is stolen or missing. You can incorporate ShareFile easily and securely into your document management systems (DMS) too.

A survey found 95% of clients are likely to recommend ShareFile as their file storing and sharing service. Why? Read on!

Legal IT consultants and directors

You realize that attorneys often go outside supported working process when sharing documents. But you also know that to satisfy cost-conscious partners at your firm, you need a solution that is not only affordable and reliable but also easy to implement. How can ShareFile help?

As an industry-leading cloud-based file storage and sharing solution from Citrix, a trusted brand in technology, ShareFile gives you a complete view regarding the documents your firm stores and shares. Your workload decreases by lessening the burden on your existing infrastructure for storage and sharing. Its state-of-the art security protects files and IP information using SSAE 16 Type II accredited datacenters and meets ethical standards from the ABA and state bar associations. And workflow audit trails, APIs, configurable password controls, folder and file permissions and intuitive reporting tools give you insight into and control over who is accessing what data when and how often — even after an employee leaves. It’s safe and easy support for you.

Small and midsize legal firms

Think you don’t have a problem with the way you send and protect confidential information? Then what do you and your staff do when files are too large to send as attachments? You break them into smaller ones to send over in multiple emails. Or burn CDs for physical delivery.

These inefficient methods cost time and money for you and clients and co-counsel who have to piece documents together. Why not rely on an affordable, web-based, easy-to-use solution that supports your bar association’s ethical standards?

With ShareFile, you can request and send all file types up to 100 GB right from your inbox — all in a single email. Encrypted email assures that sensitive information within the text body is also protected. You can even download a mobile app so that everyone in your office can securely access, share, edit and store files whenever and wherever they want, with no need to rely on CDs or multiple emails ever again.

Large legal firms

Having paralegals break up large files to send or print or burn CDs and mail flash drives to share documents are inefficient methods that discourage attracting top talent. You need to collaborate and share data so that everyone in the firm can use less paper and meet ethical standards in a simple way. With so many tasks slowing down productivity, what can you do?

ShareFile integrates with iManage, Worldox and others, letting you conveniently send right files from your DMS with ShareFile links. You have a secure web portal that makes exchanging even your biggest files easy. You can even instantly scan and upload files directly to your secure online storage as well as store, manage and send your files for electronic signature directly from your ShareFile account.

Save time and money. Exchange files electronically internally and externally safely 24/7. Have legal documents signed faster. Modernize your office with ShareFile.

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