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Citrix ShareFile Helps Keyport Provide Customers a Secure Way to Upload Files

"Our customers want to know this is a very secure process; the first thing we tell them is that we use ShareFile."

-Aimee Henkel, operations manager, Keyport


Las Vegas, Nev.

Number of Employees

Business Challenge
+ Provide a secure way for customers to upload photos of keys.
+ Protect sensitive customer information.
+ Arrange numerous customer folders.

Business Results
+ Customers can easily and securely upload photos of keys.
+ ShareFile protects data in transit and at rest using SSL/TLS and 256-bit encryption.
+ Multiple folders organized easily by customer

Keyport improves on an ordinary necessity with a lightweight, durable replacement for the standard keychain. The Keyport Slide is a small box that holds up to six ‘blades’ or inserts. Each blade can be a key or a specialty item, like a bottle opener or flash drive, and slides out of the box with the push of a button. By replacing an entire ring of keys with one versatile Keyport Slide, customers stay more organized and can access keys quickly and easily.

To have a Keyport Slide fitted for keys, customers must send photos of each key to Keyport. And when customers are literally sending in the keys to their homes, cars and offices, they want to know that the photos they send will be kept secure. For that reason, Keyport has always used ShareFile to do business.

“We’re only a few years old but this is how we’ve always used ShareFile,” says Aimee Henkel, operations manager at Keyport.

When a customer orders from Keyport, they take a picture of both the front and back of each key using a key ID form. The completed form is then uploaded to ShareFile. This allows Keyport locksmiths to identify a key blank for each customer key so the order is processed correctly.

“We have customers from 60 countries around the world uploading files into ShareFile for key ID forms,” says Henkel. “Our customers want to know this is a very secure process; the first thing we tell them is that we use ShareFile.”

ShareFile protects data with SSL/TLS encryption protocols and up to AES 256-bit encryption, which gives Keyport and its customers confidence in the security of the process. In addition to protecting data, ShareFile helps Keyport organize records behind the scenes. By using multiple folders, Keyport keeps track of company and customer information from one location.

Learn more about how ShareFile enables secure file sharing for manufacturers and try it free for 30 days!

“The ShareFile platform is very easy to use on the back end for us as well as on the front end for our customers. We will continue to use ShareFile for our business and suggest it to others.”