Citrix Sharefile Helps Healthcare Practices of All Sizes With Secure File Sharing and Storage

Replace your fax machine, improve workflow and securely send PHI right from your inbox. With ShareFile, you can send and receive electronic medical records and PHI, stay HIPAA compliant and easily and securely exchange files with patients, third parties and other providers without disrupting any current processes.

How ShareFile helps healthcare professionalsWhen you need to exchange medical records with referring practices, patients or insurance providers or allow a doctor to have secure mobile access to patient files, ShareFile is the trusted solution.

ShareFile is affordable, easy to use and secure — customers that handle PHI can sign a BAA with ShareFile and have all data placed in a community cloud dedicated only to our healthcare customers called the ShareFile Cloud for Healthcare. And with ShareFile, there are no more calls to confirm or notify that you’ve sent a fax. No more password-protected PDFs or resending documents because they were not received. You can even say goodbye to fax logs and other cumbersome processes.

Why should you turn to ShareFile to replace fax, CDs, scanning, printing and mailing, and courier services? Read on! Getting rid of those outdated legacy systems is easier than you think.

Small, family and midsize healthcare practicesSending a referral or medical record to another physician? Print. Fax. Shred. Need to upload a file to your EHR? Print. Scan. Shred. Sending a receipt or x-ray to a patient? Burn it on a CD. Mail. Need to file paperwork with insurance? You know the drill.

Printing, faxing, scanning and mailing feel safe. They’re also familiar. But are you (or your front desk staff) spending more time with your fax machine than you are providing the best patient care?

With ShareFile, you can save files directly from your EMR system to ShareFile’s dedi-cated healthcare cloud, then send them as a link in an encrypted email right from your inbox. And it all supports your HIPAA compliance. Recipients never need a username or password to securely access files, and office managers never have to pay for paper, ink cartridges or shipping again.

Healthcare IT consultantsYou know IT like the back of your hand, and that’s why your clients trust you. You know the latest regulations and technology, and which products and tools will keep health- care professionals safe. But where does ShareFile fit in?

ShareFile offers the secure, simple file sharing your healthcare clients need with the Citrix name that you know and trust. You can be sure that your clients’ data is safe in ShareFile’s dedicated healthcare cloud and know that by recommending ShareFile, you’ll give them a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution to replace fax, mailing or FTP.

The ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook lets you send patient files right from your inbox — all in a way that supports your HIPAA compliance.

Large healthcare practices and groupsYou have the systems and policies in place to ensure you don’t have a data breach, but those systems may not work well with one another or even be easy to use. Your providers want to use their own devices, and your administrative professionals are wasting a lot of time faxing, scanning and shredding paper. Or even worse, they are using unsecure methods without your knowledge. How can you solve these problems?

With ShareFile, you get simple, secure file sharing that supports your HIPAA compliance. You can even send extremely large files outside your network without hitting file-size limits. Healthcare professionals can send files directly from your EMR system or medical equipment to ShareFile, avoiding any PHI on local devices. Once files are in ShareFile, you can send them to patients, third parties and other providers by secure email — all in a way that keeps your data and your practice safe.

No more CDs. No more faxes. No more FTP.

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While your job may sometimes be complicated, your file sharing should not be. ShareFile offers a specialized, vendor-neutral solution that supports HIPAA compliance and enables your practice to quickly and securely share patient information between offices and networks.

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