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Citrix ShareFile for Healthcare

Citrix ShareFile for Healthcare

Modernize your office and improve your workflow, especially when you need to share email and documents containing protected health information (PHI) with referring physicians, specialists, benefit processors and patients. Citrix ShareFile offers a customized, vendor-neutral solution that supports your HIPAA compliance and enables quick, simple and secure sharing of patient information between offices and networks.

Security and compliance
Get support for your compliance with healthcare industry regulations and guidelines, including HIPAA, HITECH and more.
State-of-the-art storage
Keep your data safe using SSAE 16 Type II certified datacenters, proven and trusted cloud infrastructure.
File encryption
Protect files during transfer with SSL/TLS encryption protocols and in storage using AES 256-bit encryption.
Multi-factor authentication
Add layers to how you safeguard data with two-step verification methods, such as form and token-based authentication as well as SMS, voice and backup codes for account entry.
Activity tracking
Use workflow audit trails, configurable permissions and intuitive reporting tools to get insight into and control over who is accessing data and how often.
Cloud for Healthcare
Dedicated storage for PHI
Sign a BAA with Citrix and store data in a datacenter enclave dedicated to those ShareFile customers who share or store PHI.
Large file transfer
Easily share files and folders up to 100 GB in size with other physicians, patients, insurance groups or anyone else within or outside of your network.
Two-way exchange
Request files from patients, referring physicians and others and allow them to send you files electronically in a way that supports HIPAA compliance.
Anytime access
Access patient records, X-rays and other files from anywhere, on any device 24/7.
No complicated downloads
Access ShareFile from any web browser on any device and give patients, referring physicians and others a simple way to access files with no software downloads, usernames or passwords required.
File versioning
Keep track of changes to files in your account and access older versions of files as needed.
Unlimited cloud storage
Put as many files, forms and patient records in your account as you need - with ShareFile, you get an unlimited amount of space in the cloud.
Desktop Tools
ShareFile Sync
Sync all of your files, and all of your practice's files, automatically to the cloud and across devices, so everyone has the most up-to-date information.
File check-in/check-out
Prevent changes to files from getting lost or overwritten with our check-in/check-out feature, which lets you see who has a file downloaded temporarily for updates.
Print to ShareFile
Pull files directly from your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system into ShareFile without having to download data to an unsecure local device.
Desktop App
Find and store files faster with our desktop app, featuring file drag and drop, and file sending and requesting without needing to log in to a Web browser.
Plugin for Microsoft Outlook
Encrypted email
Protect the body of an email to send PHI and communicate with patients or other physicians securely - they can respond with an encrypted email even if they aren't ShareFile customers.
Encrypted attachments
Replace email attachments with secure ShareFile links to patient records up to 100 GB in size and send PHI by email in a way that supports HIPAA compliance.
Added protection
Use email in a way that supports your compliance by adding the protection of SSL/TLS encryption protocols and up to AES 256-bit encryption to your emails and attachments.
Request files
Give patients, specialists, referring physicians and others an easy way to send you PHI by email by including a secure link in your email that allows them to upload files directly to your ShareFile account.
Mobile access
Mobile apps
Access, edit, share, request and view files on the go with ShareFile mobile apps for all iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry smartphones and tablets.
Mobile editing
Edit any Microsoft Office document and annotate any PDF from your smartphone or tablet right in your ShareFile account.
Permissions management
Manage permissions and access rights to your account from your mobile device, and give patients or other physicians within or outside your network access on the go.
Offline access
Securely download files to your device within your ShareFile mobile app for access to files even without an Internet connection.
Remote wipe
Remotely lock and wipe ShareFile data from any lost or stolen device to keep your data safe no matter what happens.
Tracking and reporting
Customized user permissions
Give patients, employees, referring physicians and others access to only the files you want them to see.
Control and visibility
Determine how long files are available for download and know the moment someone downloads a file you sent.
Track account activity
Use workflow audit trails, configurable permissions and intuitive reporting tools to get insight into and control over who is accessing data and how often.
Email notifications
Receive reports on permissions or account usage when patients upload new patient forms or referring physicians upload records so you always know the moment data is downloaded from or uploaded to your account.
Simple admin controls
Know that security doesn't have to be complicated - our robust security settings come in a user-friendly interface designed with you and your practice in mind.
Workflow assistance
Website integration
Give patients and other physicians a way to access their files in a secure login space right on your website.
File drop
Include a space on your website where patients can upload new patient forms, updated family history and other documents right to your ShareFile account.
Full-text search
Search every file and folder in your ShareFile account by any keyword for a simpler way to find and access.
Customer care and support
Unlimited customer support
Get as much support as you need, whenever you need it - the ShareFile customer care team is always available and eager to help by phone or email.
24/7 assistance
Contact our U.S.-based customer care team anytime 24/7.
Personalized training and onboarding
Set up personalized training for your and your staff, so everyone feels comfortable using and securely sharing with ShareFile.
Get instant help online
Ask the ShareFile community support forum or search thousands of support articles in the ShareFile Knowledge Base for instant help with common ShareFile issues or questions.
Custom branding
Make your ShareFile account match your website and logo - we'll custom brand your portal free of charge.
Professional integrations
Scan to ShareFile
Scan printed patient records directly to ShareFile on any Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner to keep PHI off local devices.

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