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Citrix ShareFile + RightSignature help Godwin & Associates simplify document sharing and signature � and focus on investing in people.

“We needed a way to securely send files to clients. ShareFile solved our problem and it was easy to use for everyone.”
-Meghan Godwin, Godwin & Associates, CP

Greenville, SC
Number of Employees
Business Challenges
• Clients sent documents through insecure email.
• Cumbersome file-sharing processes took too much time.
• Consumer file-sharing tools were not secure.
Business Results
• Clients like the ease of uploading files through the website.
• Clients can easily download received files. 
• ShareFile plugin and mobile apps make accessing and sending files secure.
At Godwin & Associates, CPA, building relationships matters. With an emphasis on the individual, Godwin & Associates, CPA offers clients a unique approach to taxes. Although they perform the functions that most CPA firms do — accounting, payroll and applicable tax returns — they emphasize taking the next step with clients. By helping clients see inside the numbers and interpret the results, they assist clients in making informed decisions.
Before using ShareFile, Godwin & Associates, CPA spent too much time troubleshooting other file transfer solutions that were cumbersome for clients.
“We needed a way to securely send files that clients could easily open.” says Meghan Godwin. “I didn’t want to have to explain how to work the application each time I sent a file. ShareFile solved the problem, and it was easy to use for everybody.” With ShareFile, the firm is able to send files to clients securely and easily. Tools like the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, ShareFile Sync and the ShareFile Mobile App give CPAs constant and secure access to files from any location, on any device. Additionally, the firm has made it easier for clients to upload documents by including a file drop box on the website and secure upload links in their email signatures.
Godwin & Associates, CPA also uses RightSignature to send pricing options, quotes and engagement letters for signature directly from ShareFile.
“We send engagement letters to clients each year. With ShareFile + RightSignature, I keep a list of letters in a ShareFile folder and as they get signed, move them into individual client folders. I have better control over the process and can easily follow up with those who haven’t signed the letters."
With ShareFile + RightSignature, Godwin & Associates, CPA can stay focused on building relationships with clients instead of worrying about file-sharing hassles. Visit ShareFile for Accounting to see how ShareFile can help your firm!