Choose the right ShareFile plan for your business

Trying to decide which ShareFile plan best fits your needs? Start with this simple question: What do you need to simplify? Whether you want easier ways to share documents internally and with clients, more efficient ways to collaborate on content, or faster ways to get legally binding documents prepared and signed, there’s a ShareFile plan with the right set of features for your organization.

Get Started Fast with Easy File Sharing and Centralized Storage

If your employees are still attaching sensitive information to emails or storing data in network servers, ShareFile Standard is a quick and easy path to centralized, cloud-based document storage. 

To avoid the security risks of sending attachments outside your organization, ShareFile Standard lets users share links to the files stored centrally in your ShareFile account—and even limit how often it can be viewed or downloaded. To request a document from a client, partner, or vendor, employees simply send them a link where it can be uploaded—simply and securely. 

Here’s what ShareFile Standard includes: 

  • Five employee users—or more: Each plan begins access for five users. Want to add more? No problem. We’ve even got tiered pricing for organizations with 100 or more users. 
  • Unlimited client users: No need to prioritize and limit your external users—every ShareFile plan lets you share or request files with as many clients, partners, and vendors as you like.
  • Custom branding: It’s simple to blend ShareFile into your own business identity. With just a few clicks, you can create a client file sharing portal with your own page title, color scheme, and more. Learn more here.
  • Desktop and mobile apps: The Files app delivers a rich ShareFile experience on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, including drag-and-drop file sharing and storage, file requests, and more.
  • Real-time sync: To make sure users always have access to the latest versions of their files, ShareFile Sync syncs a folder on their computer with the folders in their ShareFile account in real time. 
  • Two-step verification: You can’t be too careful with your content. ShareFile’s multi-layered security includes two-step verification to make sure users are who they say they are. 
  • Unified access: Whether people access their files using the ShareFile web interface, the Files desktop app, or the Files mobile app—and whether they’re working on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet—they’ll get the simple, secure experience ShareFile is known for.
  • Easy access to cloud storage accounts: Personal cloud connectors to SharePoint Online, Box, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, and Dropbox let people access all their content from within their ShareFile experience—even if it’s not stored in their ShareFile account. 

Simplify Collaboration with Feedback and Approval Workflows

Spending too much time emailing files around for feedback, struggling to compile and reconcile overlapping edits, and resolving confusion about which version is final? ShareFile Advanced offers more organized and efficient ways to collaborate on documents. 

ShareFile Advanced includes all the base features in ShareFile Standard, plus:

  • Feedback and approvals workflows to simplify collaboration. When a document is ready for review, its owner can kick off an approval workflow, get notification each time a colleague completes their review, and keep track of all the edits and sign-offs given team-wide. 
  • Automated reminders. ShareFile Advanced can even send automated reminders to reviewers as the due date approaches.  Here’s what it looks like in action (3:08).
  • Extra protection for large attachments. For even more convenience, ShareFile Advanced lets users share large files from within Microsoft Outlook or Gmail without having to worry about file size bounce-backs or security risks. Both emails and attachments are encrypted, and delivery is verified, so you can be confident that files have reached their intended recipients and no one else.
  • Integrated access to on-prem storage. To break down content silos without the need for migration, ShareFile Advanced provides seamless access to content in network share connectors and SharePoint on-premises.
  • Microsoft Office Online Editing. ShareFile Advanced users with an eligible Microsoft Office plan can preview and edit Microsoft Office files within the ShareFile web application—and multiple users can even work on a single document at the same time. 

Streamline, Automate, and Secure Complex Document Workflows

If you have complex document workflows where files need to be sent back and forth repeatedly for editing, approvals, and signatures, the right tool can make a huge difference. ShareFile Premium can help you create and finalize critical documents like HR paperwork and client contracts, circulate them for legally binding e-signatures, and keep the whole process secure and auditable.

ShareFile Premium builds on the features of ShareFile Standard and ShareFile Advanced with:

  • Automated collaboration workflows: To keep approvals moving swiftly, ShareFile Premium automatically connects each document to the client or team member who needs it next.
  • Legally binding e-signatures: Once a document is ready to sign, our integrated RightSignature tool gathers legally binding signatures from the designated parties, then saves the signed document back to the same folder where it started so it’s easy to stay organized. 

Want to compare all our ShareFile plans side-by-side? Check out our detailed feature matrix. If you’d like to explore further, sign up for a free trial of ShareFile Premium to try out the complete feature set. Whichever plan you choose, you’ll discover just how much simpler your work experience can be.

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