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Business File-Sharing Sites: Four Features You Need

The top features you should look for when selecting a file-sharing site for your business:

Cloud collaboration — This means that multiple users can access files from any web-based device, enabling easy collaboration with instant updates for all changes made as they occur.

Security — There are various methods to ensure the safety of the data stored, including:

    ○ Remote wipe tool — This allows administrators to remove files from any device attached to an account (e.g., if a device is stolen or an employee leaves the company).

    ○ Industry-standard (AES 256-bit) encryption protocol — When transferring files as well as resting in servers, the procedure helps prevent hackers from viewing and gaining access to your content on remote servers.

    ○ Firewall and virus scanners — Designed to protect from external and internal issues, both are important to us simultaneously, because while a firewall prevents interaction by external hackers, it doesn’t eliminate the potential for server corruption by viruses.

    ○ ID verification — This helps you track who downloaded a file.

File versioning — The ability to revert to previous drafts of a file is vital for online collaborations. Multiple users provide a significant amount of input during reviews, so the last thing you need is a viewing limit when comparing changes.

File size — The smaller the file size limit is means a large file will have to be broken down into more parts to send and share with others. That takes up time for both the sender and receiver of the files to upload and download.

Citrix ShareFile versus other leading file-sharing sites for businesses

Citrix ShareFile offers Cloud Collaboration, Security (including remote wipe tool, industry-standard encryption protocol, ID verification and firewall and virus scanners) and unlimited File versioning and storage. In addition, its File tracking sets user roles and usage and customizes expirations for shared links. Sharing links and online client portals can also be customized so clients never leave the brand throughout the download process. Regarding File size, users can transfer files up to 100 GB in size and download the Plugin for Microsoft Outlook that allows users to attach files up to 10 GB to a normal email.

In contrast, not all other leading file-sharing services allow for cloud collaboration. Most lack ID verification and firewall and virus scanners for their security. File versioning can be limited in one case to just five versions for a file, with overwrites are possible when multiple users edit at the same time, and file size can have a similar restriction of just 10 GB as opposed to 100 GB with ShareFile.

Clearly ShareFile is the leader in file-sharing features your business needs for optimal operations. To discover more of what it can do for you, contact us for your 30-day free trial of ShareFile now.