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Secure business file storage and sharing in the cloud

Using a business file sharing cloud doesn't just make it easier and more convenient to share up-to-the-minute documents with your colleagues and other professionals. It can actually save you some serious money. Here are the top three ways a business file sharing cloud can help your bottom line.

How you can save money with a business file-sharing cloud solution

Time is money

Customers want their products and services now. Whether you're a B2B company or you sell to the general public, your clients want to know that you're on top of things.

How impatient are people? One survey showed that more than half of people hang up after being on hold for one minute or less. And 32 percent of customers who contact a company expect a response within 30 minutes. When your customer service team can't locate the right documents, these response times increase quite a bit. And so does your client's frustration level.

It's not just your customers' time that's worth something, either. Employees at all levels can't maximize their productivity if they're wasting precious hours trying to track down documents.

By providing a secure location to easily find and share all your important files and folders with just a few clicks, Citrix ShareFile keeps everyone on the same page instantly. It lets you get that time back that you've saved for something a bit more useful.

Data is money

From the datacenter to the IT professionals who service your machines when they break down, data can cost money and space. Servers are also big and heat up the room. At the same time, surveys show the many financial benefits of server virtualization. When your servers are off-site, you can focus on running your business.

ShareFile is a reliable resource to replace your servers, and our IT staff is unparalleled. You don't have to worry about your data getting lost or stolen, as your files are backed up multiple times to datacenters where regular security audits take place to ensure your information is protected.

Paper is money

You can spend thousands of dollars on ink, paper, mailing supplies, courier services, printers and mechanics who fix the printers when they inevitably break down. Forego the expensive office supplies and go digital with ShareFile instead!

When you upload your documents to the business file sharing cloud, they're easily and immediately accessible to the key players who need them. No more misplaced papers, email file limits or worries about protected information getting into the wrong hands. You can even get documents signed electronically and stored safely with no pen or paper required.

In all these ways, ShareFile makes it easy for you to cut costs and see dramatic improvements in your business workflow. Try it today!

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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