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File Sharing That Gets Business Done

Think about how technology is transforming the way we do business. We work remotely and from a wide range of devices. We work under instant ETAs. We hold meetings via computer screens. Technology even affects the way we share files in business.

File sharing that drives business

The cloud has all but solidified itself as the file-sharing method of choice for today's professionals. So how does the transfer of data through the cloud drive business?

You have room for more data.

Businesses need large capacity for their file sharing that traditional email systems cannot provide without files being broken into smaller pieces over multiple emails. In contrast, a cloud-based file sharing solution such as Citrix ShareFile can allow users to upload up to 100 GB with a single email.

Security is heightened.

Businesses have assets that need to be protected and risks must be avoided when files are shared with co-workers or clients. ShareFile offers many added layers of security for files when they are exchanged.

User experience is enhanced.

File-sharing portals can be customized to a business's colors, logo, look and feel to provide a personal touch for clients, customers and employees. With ShareFile, we can custom brand your portal free of charge to make your account match your website and logo.

You can conduct business on the go.

Today's businesses never stop working 24/7. With ShareFile, you can swap information whenever and wherever from a range of devices connected to the Internet and sync files to keep all devices up to date with the latest edits and additions.

It's compatible with what you use.

ShareFile can be used in conjunction with many of the everyday tools that are already used within your company and can easily integrate to Microsoft Outlook for a seamless workflow. This includes integrating with your email, desktop and mobile tools.

Signatures are fast and easy to get.

Obtaining signatures is an integral part of doing business and with ShareFile, e-signatures can be used to quickly, easily — and legally — bind documents. Your clients and colleagues simply fill out mandatory fields and sign with a hand-drawn signature using a mouse or touchscreen, just like pen and paper, and documents are ready to send to you for archiving.

The cloud makes file sharing faster, easier and more efficient for businesses. And ShareFile makes file sharing affordable. Try a free 30-day trial to see how when it comes to sharing files, we mean business.

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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