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Bromen Systems Goes Paperless with ShareFile

About the company:

Bromen Systems Inc. provides tax preparation and accounting services to more than 600 individuals and small businesses worldwide. Bruce Bromen is President and Owner of Bromen Systems, Inc. and works in Elk River, MN.

Product: ShareFile

Industry: Accounting

Country: United States



As a long-time advocate for paperless accounting, Bruce Bromen recognized in 2011 a need to improve security and provide an easier way for his clients to access their files. As many of his customers only need to view their tax files once a year, he wanted a single document portal that was easy to access. And he was sensitive about extending the burden of security to his customers, so his portal of choice needed to protect sensitive information on their behalf.

With a growing business assisting customers in locations such as Abu Dhabi, Shanghai and South Africa, Bromen also had a growing need to improve his service quality with remote customers. Whether he was in his office, at a charity golf tournament or visiting customers on the road, he needed a secure, digital, and mobile solution to reach customer files at any time, anywhere.


In 2011, Bromen adopted ShareFile and transitioned to a paperless accounting business in one year. In a partnership with his accounting software vendor, he now stores 100 percent of his customer files inside of a Sharefile-powered client portal, available on his website. Bromen had an employee scan all of his previous tax returns into ShareFile in one year so that he could start out the new year right.

Today, Bromen doesn’t print any of his accounting files and forms. Everything is stored and shared electronically in ShareFile. Moving to a paperless accounting environment has provided Bromen with the security and peace of mind to manage his business without fear of natural disaster, data breach or security violation.

Reflecting on his previously paper-driven career, Bromen remarked: “Businesses still need file cabinets, but only so they have someplace to store their cookies and candies.”

He adds: “We’ve been using ShareFile now for four or five years and it’s been working really great. Without ShareFile and my client portal, I don’t think my business would continue to grow.”


  • Security: ShareFile provides secure, compliant document management that allows Bromen to share files without concern of data breach or natural disaster.
  • Peace of mind: Bromen knows that all of his clients’ files are backed up in the cloud.
  • Mobile access: He now has a single, mobile office, accessible wherever he is, Bromen now can answer customer questions and access files anywhere.
  • Business growth: Having a client portal powered by ShareFile allows Bromen to serve customers around the world without the need for them to visit his physical office.
  • Paperless accounting: Bromen Systems operates a 100 percent paperless business, reducing his investment in paper products and his dependencies on old file systems.
  • A copier-free office: As a testament to its movement to paperless accounting, Bromen no longer owns a copier! Bromen recommends investing in a great scanner, which is all he needs.
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