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What are the Best Ways to Share Photos Online?

What is the best way to share photos online? Although many people use social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to share pictures with friends and loved ones, they can only do this with people who also have accounts to those websites. So how can you share photos with anyone anytime?

Send and store more photos with file-sharing software

According to Techopedia, "File sharing is the practice of sharing or offering access to digital information or resources, including documents, multimedia (audio/video), graphics, computer programs, images and eBooks. It is the private or public distribution of data or resources in a network with different levels of sharing privileges."

Citrix ShareFile develops cloud-based software to meet the file-sharing needs of individuals and businesses. Since ShareFile is cloud-based, you can share any or all of your photos, documents and other files with any device that has an Internet connection with your permission. Other benefits of cloud-based storage include:

  • Large file transferring — Have you ever tried to send large batches of photos or files through email? If so, you have probably encountered the headache of file-size limits. With ShareFile, you can send files and even large photo libraries in one piece without worrying about email size restrictions.
  • Unlimited storage — Using file-sharing software is also great for storing photos. With unlimited storage from ShareFile, you will no longer have to delete old files to free up space on your hard drive or keep track of inconvenient USBs to store files.
  • Ease of use — Uploading photos to an online storage site and then retrieving and sharing them later can be done in minutes. Just point, click and go!
  • State-of-the-art security — Privacy is important, whether you are transferring highly confidential contracts or storing family photographs. With ShareFile, your documents are protected in transit and at rest with top-grade encryption and data backups.  

How to share photos online

Now that you know the best way to share photos online, you can begin uploading files and sharing them with friends and colleagues. But first, you will need to sign up for your free 30-day ShareFile trial with no obligation. Do so by following this link and filling out the form. Click Start My Free Trial, then follow the prompts on your screen.

Once you have signed in to your new ShareFile account, you will be able to begin uploading and sharing photos within minutes. Watch the videos below to get started.

How to upload photos to your ShareFile account

Step 1 — Find the photo you wish to share in your ShareFile account and right-click it or select the checkbox next to multiple photos to share them all at once.

Step 2 — Decide whether you would like to share your photos through ShareFile email or by generating a secure link. Click the option that works best for you.

If you choose the email option:

  • Fill out your recipient's email address. Remember: Your recipient does not have to be a ShareFile user.
  • Include a subject and message for your recipient.
  • Click Send.

If you choose the secure link option:

  • After right-clicking on the image you wish to share, click Get a Link. This will copy a secure link to your photo to your clipboard.
  • Paste the link into an email, document, chat application or wherever you choose.

How to share photos that are stored on your computer

Your photographs don't have to be uploaded to your ShareFile account for you to share them. To share photos that are stored on your computer, follow the steps below.

  • Step 1 — Click the Share button located in the ShareFile navigation bar.
  • Step 2 — Click Email With ShareFile or Get a Link, depending on the sharing method you prefer.

How to share photos from your mobile device

When sharing photos online using ShareFile, you aren't just limited to using your desktop computer or laptop. Pictures and files can be shared from your iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices using these methods.

How to upload and share photos — iPad and iPhone

ShareFile for iPad allows you to browse your account, download and view documents, send and request files via email, and add users to existing folders on your ShareFile account. Downloaded files can also be viewed while you are offline. For Enterprise accounts, users will be able to access their data using their corporate credentials, and IT administrators will be able to control and audit access.

Step 1 — Install the app.

Visit the Apple app store to download the ShareFile app.

Step 2 — Log in.

When you open the ShareFile app for the first time, you will be asked to enter the email and password associated with your ShareFile account.

You can click Log in with my company credentials if your account is set up to accept company credentials.

Step 3 — Watch the tutorial.

The ShareFile tutorial will walk you through how to use the app. You can choose to take the tutorial at the time of setup or you may review the tutorial at any time by visiting the settings menu.

Step 4 — Start sharing photos!

From the ShareFile app home screen, click Upload Photo or Video. This will upload photos or videos from your iPad or iPhone to your ShareFile account. To select a photo for upload, tap the green check overlays and then click Next. When your photo begins uploading, you will receive confirmation of its progress in the left corner of your device.

Click the Share icon to select how you would like to share the photo. You will see three share options:

  • ShareFile — This shares a link to the selected photo by using the encrypted ShareFile messaging system.
  • Mail App — This shares a link to the selected photo by using your Apple mail app.
  • Copy a Link — This copies and shares a link to the selected photo any way that you choose — email, document, chat application, text message, etc.

Decide which option works best for you, and click it to instantly share your photos.

How to upload and share photos — Android

ShareFile for Android allows you to send and request files via email, browse your ShareFile account, download and view documents, and add users to existing folders. The following steps will help you share photos from your Android phone within minutes.

Step 1 — Install the app.

Visit the app store located on your phone to download the ShareFile for Android app.

Step 2 — Log in.

When you load the ShareFile app, you will be asked to enter your email address and password. If your account is set up to accept company credentials, you may enter them at this time.

Step 3 — Upload the photos you wish to share.

Navigate to the folder you wish to upload the photo to and tap the Floating Action button, which will look like this:

From here, you can upload photos saved in your Android gallery, upload photos taken with your phone's camera or upload photos located anywhere else on your device.

Step 4 — Share your photos.

Tap the file name to access the photo and then select the Share icon located near the bottom of the menu. You have several options for sharing photos, including:

  • Sharing by email — Simply fill out the recipient's email address, a subject and a message, then hit Send.
  • Sharing by file link — This will copy a link to the photo to your clipboard that you can paste into a text, chat app, email or document.

Choose the option that works best for you.

How are others using ShareFile?

ShareFile can be used for more than just sharing photos online. In fact, businesses all over the country are using ShareFile to store important data, share and edit documents, collaborate with clients, and improve the overall workflow of their organization.

In the following videos, ShareFile users across multiple verticals explain how their businesses use ShareFile.

Lee Tillet, project ngineer at RCI Builders Inc., has this to say about ShareFile:

"Technology has absolutely changed in the construction industry. I remember I was one of the first people to be walking around with a digital camera. That was sort of unheard of, and now I'm sending out 60 pictures of the job a day. We're visual people as builders, so it's great to be able to pull up a plan, pull up a drawing, pull up a picture of what something looks like in the field and have the whole team look at that at the same time."

In the next video, Joe Woodard explains how he and his team use ShareFile to improve their accounting consulting business.

"We started using ShareFile about four years ago, and in those four years, this whole paperless model has made our practice so much more efficient. There is no server, there are no file cabinets. We are 100 percent stored in the cloud. Every single time a piece of paper comes into our office — and paper is inevitable, the mail is going to come — that stays in a paper form for just minutes.

"By scanning the documents in here, and having them live on the cloud, we are able to get to those documents from anywhere, no matter where any of our people are in the world.

"We like ShareFile because we get an increased security from it when we're sending emails, and we also have capacity options that are available to us through Outlook. Citrix has brought the power of what used to be enterprise technology to the small business level.

"The client-to-professional collaboration that ShareFile offers, whether you're a lawyer, CPA, or like me, a software consultant, I think that's one of its biggest strengths."

No matter your industry, ShareFile has a solution to meet your unique file storage and sharing needs, and our plans start at just $16 per month. Read more details about our plans, features and pricing.

Still haven't signed up for your free 30-day trial? Don't wait! Sign up today!

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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