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ShareFile - Best FTP Software for Mac

Whether you need to transfer large files for professional or personal use, it’s important that the software completes the job with as few hiccups as possible. That’s why finding the best file transfer protocol (FTP) software for Mac is essential for Mac users looking to share files that exceed the typical maximum 1-2 GB limit.

Why use a Mac to access a FTP server?

While connecting to your FTP server remotely via downloadable software is convenient, your Mac makes it even simpler for you with its built-in FTP and FTPS client. Mac users can connect directly to FTP sites with Mac OS X from their desktop.

OSXDaily notes that users seeking a more secure connection can connect to an FTPS server by simply changing the prefix before the domain in server address from ftp:// to ftps://. As long as the remote server you’re connecting to has SSL support and accepts FTPS, you’re golden.

Despite the convenience of connecting to your FTP server through your Mac, some users might still prefer using a third party app because the Finder FTP function lacks many desirable features. Most third-party apps can provide a wide range of features, including full FTP, SFTP, FTPS support, downloads, uploads, queuing, permissions changing abilities and read or write support.

How reliable is FTP really?

There are risks. FTP servers may be a convenient method to transfer large files and folders, but it also introduces a range of potential security risks.

● Traditional FTP sites lack security, making them a target of regulatory auditors because they put your sensitive or confidential data at high risk of access by an unwanted party. This is especially applicable for healthcare and finance professionals.

● Even if your FTP service is combined with an encryption solution, it doesn’t cover protecting users’ login information. That can then cause problems for security and compliance staff, who want to monitor access to data.

Anonymous authentication provides you with “little control over who accesses your FTP server or how often they do it.” For this reason, businesses’ security staff may choose to turn it off, but even so, “the infrastructure does not support the level of monitoring required within a regulated environment” to provide exact information about who accessed what and when.

Putting your data’s security first with Citrix ShareFile

Unlike a traditional FTP site, which has no way to encrypt transferred data, we provide encryption protection for users’ files and folders at all times ― whether they’re being transferred or at rest and stored in your ShareFile account.

We’re confident you’ll find that best FTP software for Mac isn’t an FTP service at all. To learn more about how you can benefit from ShareFile as an FTP alternative for your Mac, contact us to start your free trial today!