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Consulting Firm Saves Money and Improves Customer Service with Secure Data Sharing from ShareFile

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Astute Financial Consulting provides customer support and service to small to medium-sized security alarm companies that need affordable accounting and business management solutions. Employees act as a partner as they collaborate and help their clients with accounting, reporting, consulting and training as well as sell software over the cloud. Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, the firm has six employees.

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Although they had a file-sharing tool, the firm’s leaders found that it was time consuming to use, particularly as they launched a new program, which gathered sensitive client data, and a new website to serve a customer base expanding in the hundreds. They needed efficient file sharing internally (for remote and mobile workers) and externally (for partners and customers) if these projects were to succeed. Yet their file-sharing service was slow, in part because it did not have files synced directly to their desktops. This made it lengthy to open and save a file and inhibited their growth plans.


Astute leaders switched to ShareFile as a scalable, affordable and sensible solution for their needs. With ShareFile, the firm can set up secure individual accounts for all of its clients while spending less time and money than its previous file-sharing service. ShareFile lets the firm’s employees send large files intact and know that the file will translate properly when recipients open it while protecting sensitive data during exchanges.


• The Plugin for Microsoft Outlook provides Astute with the ability to get notifications and track when users download files sent to them and follow up with clients who haven’t opened them.
• Folder permissions make it simpler and faster for approved clients to log in and upload and download what files they need anytime without needing approval from Astute.
• Employees can sync folders of their choosing to their desktop for constant and immediate access to files that can be edited and saved automatically across all connected devices.
• Custom branding allows Astute to have its own logo in ShareFile, so it looks consistent with its website and offer clients a professional experience online throughout their interactions with the firm.

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