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Alternative to FTP Server

Digital files have for the most part supplanted traditional paper files. This offers a new level of flexibility and security, making critical files accessible anywhere and anytime. Many businesses still rely on File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers to manage their digital files. However, there are some robust alternatives that increase security.

There is an alternative to FTP servers

You should allow Citrix ShareFile to simplify your file management needs. Here are three reasons why.

+ Cloud sharing and storage solutions are more reliable. FTP servers often time out, experience difficulty sending large files and offer a clunky user interface that confuses both the sender and recipient. With the ability to manage large files easily, ShareFile is an alternative to FTP servers. Our services are quick and simple to use, sending files seamlessly over the Internet. Just point, click and send — it’s that easy.

Using a special auto-resume technology, we are able to break your file into smaller pieces and avoid timeouts that frustrate users of FTP servers. If your Internet connection fails at any point in the process, our tool simply picks back up where it leaves off once the connection resumes. Sending larger files more quickly makes our cloud-based file transfer an obvious alternative to FTP servers.

+ Security is the most important factor in selecting a file-sharing solution. Top intelligence officials warn cyberattacks and digital spying are the top threat to national security. FTP servers lack encryption and are especially at risk of an attack or breach. Online file-sharing services offer a secure way to send sensitive data, providing a secure alternative to FTP servers.

ShareFile provides best-in-class security. Relying on 256 bit-encryption meeting Federal Information Processing Standards, you will feel at ease knowing your data is protected and secure. Accredited data centers and robust firewalls further protect our users.

+ An alternative to FTP servers can save time and money. Setting up an FTP server uses valuable IT hours and resources. With cloud-based sharing options, all of the leg work is handled for you. ShareFile offers 24-hour, U.S.-based customer service, providing everything from account troubleshooting to training for your team and clients.

With several affordable plans for businesses of every size and custom options to meet your needs, ShareFile is the cost-effective alternative to FTP servers. Call 1-800-441-3453 to learn more about ShareFile or visit www.ShareFile.com to start your free 30-day trial with ShareFile today.

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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