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Accounting Document Management Software for Your Business

Accounting document management software can streamline and simplify your workflow, increase accounting efficiency and accuracy, and reduce the amount of physical paperwork your office must manage. Citrix ShareFile is a powerful tool that allows you to gather and organize documents and data and even collect signatures remotely.

What can accounting management software do for your business?

The days of filing cabinets and fax machines have come to a close for most accountants. This happened mainly because businesses need a more efficient way to file and share documents.

The emergence of email swiftly replaced fax machines and allowed accounting firms to simplify their daily operations by offering a quick and affordable option for communication. As time went on, however, firms began to realize that email was lacking in two big areas: security and capacity.


According to an article published by Digital Trends, “Email isn’t secure because it was never meant to be the center of our digital lives. It was developed when the Internet was a much smaller place to standardize simple store-and-forward messaging between people using different kinds of computers.”

With email, all information is transferred in the open, making it readable by anyone. For accounting firms, sharing information this way is far too risky, as your clients expect complete confidentiality.


Many email systems are unable to support the transfer of large files and provide minimal data storage. Most accounting firms view as a major disadvantage.

ShareFile solves these pain points with:

● 256-bit encryption

● Data backups

● Forged request prevention

● SSAE 16 accredited datacenters

● Unlimited uploads

● The ability to send up to 100 GB of data at a time

● Unlimited storage in the cloud

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