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Accessing FTP Sites Made Simple With a Cloud-Based Solution

When accessing FTP sites, security and flexibility rank high for key features to look for when evaluating your options. However, the best fit for your data management needs may not be the kind of FTP service you’d assume. Let’s discuss the importance of accessibility, the alternative FTP solution that provides this and more.

Get an effective, efficient FTP site

While accessing FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites to transfer data through web browsers and software might have been the go-to method in the past, new technological advancements have led to an increase in the number of users desiring high levels of security and efficiency in their data management processes.

In fact, some businesses don’t even allow communication with an FTP site because you cannot encrypt the data. Why restrict yourself when there’s a solution that offers security and compatibility with most well-known FTP clients?

Citrix ShareFile provides users with secure, flexible access to their data whenever and wherever they need it on any web-based desktop or mobile device. Whether your data is being transferred or at rest and stored in your ShareFile account, we provide encryption protection for your files and folders at all times. Other benefits our cloud-based management solution provide include:

● Access files in the office or remotely with a network-connected mobile device or desktop secured by various measures of protection, such as 128-bit SSL encryption used by financial institutions and the government; AES 256-bit encryption protocol; firewalls and virus scanners, share link expiration and remote wipe tool.

● Store files with a starting capacity of 100 GB, and send files up to 100 GB.

● Integrate with your email using the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook to attach files larger than a typical email’s maximum file-size limit.

● Track and monitor all file activity through ID verification and password protection, ensuring accurate and detailed records of files.

● Customize your portal to build a communal feeling among your coworkers and clients.

● Enjoy additional benefits such as daily third-party security audits, off-site data backups and 24/7 data monitoring and technical support.

We strive to provide our clients with a user-friendly cloud-based management solution that’s both reliable and secure. Experience it firsthand with a free trial today.