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Accelerate Workflow With an Affordable Virtual Data Room Solution

Protecting data and confidentially sharing information with the correct parties establishes integrity and allows businesses to function efficiently.

Historically, physical data rooms solved the problem of sending confidential documents via unsecured routes like couriers or email, but created another problem altogether. The requirement to view documents in one location is inflexible and creates interminable delays. Today’s virtual data rooms (VDR) far exceed their physical predecessors, but many companies still choose to forego them based on high costs and complicated implementation. Businesses need a secure, cost-effective method of sharing confidential documents with the appropriate recipients.

Citrix ShareFile VDR provides customizable, unlimited virtual data rooms at a reasonable price. A completely web-based solution, ShareFile VDR is simple to set up and will instantly enhance your current workflow. We know that efficiency is always a consideration, so ShareFile VDR does not require complicated plugins. Designed to deploy quickly, our service combines the security companies require with the ease of use and anytime, anywhere access that today’s business professionals demand.

Security and reporting

No matter who you need to share files with, ShareFile allows complete control of data. A key feature of ShareFile VDR is the ability to grant “view-only” access so users cannot download documents without permission. Custom watermarking can include the user’s email, name, IP address or any information you choose to further discourage unauthorized distribution of data.

ShareFile protects files during transfer using up to 256-bit AES encryption and SSL or TLS encryption protocols and employs 256-bit AES encryption for files at rest on our servers. The latest firewalls and Internet security updates ensure that ShareFile keeps your data completely safe.

Access to files can be set per user or group of users on a folder-by-folder level to ensure that users only view the specific files that you select. All account activity is saved to an audit log that records user activities including date, time, IP address and more. With advanced reporting and analytics features, your business will get a full, auditable record of the account. This feature can be used to see what a user opened in greater detail, including how long they view a file or folder, giving you greater insight into how your account is being used.

ShareFile reporting features are flexible so you can receive exactly the information you want when you need it. Email notifications can be set for downloads or folder views so you have immediate awareness of account activity. You can also enable upload alerts for users so they know when you update documents or place new files in your data room.

Customizable reports can be set to run at regular intervals to give a complete record of activity and access. Optional email notifications alert you when new reports have been run and are available for download.

Ease of use

Because ShareFile is a web-based solution, your company will not have a complicated download process. Our virtual data room system is intuitive and straightforward, and setup is as easy as signing in with your email and password.

Flexible folder access permissions let users create and edit permissions on a per-user, per-folder basis. You can also choose to import users from a spreadsheet and create groups to assign folder permissions all at once.

Among virtual data room providers, ShareFile VDR file transfer tools are unmatched. The drag and drop capability lets you instantly add files or entire folder structures to your data room. These features make adding new documents to your data room and saving files to your computer for review effortless.

When questions arise about content in one of your data rooms, the Q&A section can be used to submit and answer queries within the web portal. More secure than regular email, communication through Q&A can be made public or private.

Power tools

Your ShareFile VDR account has a few additional features that enhance the speed and ease of setting up and maintaining your data rooms. The Desktop Widget allows users to drag and drop files or entire folder structures from your desktop into your data room. Similarly, Desktop Sync makes transferring and updating documents in your data rooms as efficient as possible. When you edit a file in one of your synced folders on your local computer, Desktop Sync will detect the update and automatically upload the new copy to your data room.

When you are finished with a particular data room, ShareFile’s Physical Backup service can create and mail a DVD or hard drive copy of your data room contents for archive purposes.

Many customers love the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook. Oftentimes email is the most convenient way to transfer data, but it doesn’t meet security needs.

The plugin allows a one-time secure transfer of files through email. Instead of attaching files through email, a secure link is included in the body of the outgoing message. You’ll also have the added bonus of using the ShareFile VDR reporting and download notification features for activity tracking.

Training and support

Each ShareFile VDR account receives a dedicated account manager as a point of contact. Your account manager can help with any setup questions or provide product training. In addition to your dedicated account manager, VDR accounts enjoy unlimited telephone and email support by ShareFile’s full-time, US-based support team. ShareFile provides regularly scheduled training webinars to fit our customer’s needs. If the timing of our webinars does not work for you, we will create a private custom training for your company.

Seamless transition to ShareFile VDR

ShareFile VDR is the perfect solution for businesses that need secure, customizable data rooms. Our cost-effective, web-based solution integrates with the traditional ShareFile secure file transfer service for a superior experience. You can expect a seamless integration into existing workflows and an immediate enhancement of the data sharing process. By providing easy, anytime access to all company data directly from a web-based portal, ShareFile VDR eases the task of managing your confidential data and setting up virtual data rooms.

Give ShareFile Virtual Data Room a try. Sign up for a free trial or contact us at 1-888-260-6550 to set up a demo.