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A Win-Win for IT Professionals

Whether you work in-house for an organization or as a third-party IT provider, you know it’s a challenge to find the best software solutions for your customers, internal or otherwise. It’s also an important means of demonstrating your value to the company. There are three major considerations when evaluating potential software:

1. How does the software fit into the user’s workflow and needs?

2. Does the solution offer enough value in return for its cost?

3. What are the true costs of the solution, from setup time to servicing the solution going forward?

To balance these criteria, many companies have adopted or explored cloud-based solutions. Accessibility and ease of use make cloud software popular with users, but IT must weigh some considerations before embracing these tools. Modern workflows demand simplicity and mobility, but controlling data and maintaining security are still paramount. An IT professional must be able to identify and deliver services and software that are true matches for the customers they serve. Finding these tools is important to meeting customer needs and becoming a valuable asset to the organization.

Citrix ShareFile: Professional file sharing for every business

Citrix ShareFile is built for business, combining the features and usability that your customers need with robust administrative controls. Replace the difficult, unwieldy task of sharing large or sensitive files via email with a professional tool that allows anytime, anywhere access. A completely webbased service, ShareFile is simple to deploy and support in a company of any size—from a small shop to an international enterprise.

An interface for every user's workflow

ShareFile was designed with the business user in mind. With web-based access and a variety of mobile and desktop tools, ShareFile adapts to the needs of users without the learning curve required by FTP.

Web access – Users can access ShareFile through an online portal. No download required.

Custom branding – Complimentary customization is available to every ShareFile account for a more professional and familiar appearance.

Online file storage – The ShareFile system reflects the folder system users know from Windows Explorer and Mac Finder. With support for complex folder systems and uploading and downloading entire folder trees at once, ShareFile makes it painless to set up and organize a file system that mirrors existing work flows.

File sending – With good reason, employees want to use email to send large and sensitive files. Email is quick and easy to use, and it’s part of our everyday work lives. ShareFile marries the ease of email with the ability to send very large files by creating links to files that can be included in an email message, allowing the recipient to download the files from the sender’s ShareFile account. The link can be password protected, making it an appropriate means of sending sensitive information.

Integration tools – To make the process of transferring digital files even more simple, ShareFile integrates with many of the tools that employees already use daily to manage and share information. The ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, ShareFile Sync, and mobile apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone empower users to adopt ShareFile.

Sensible pricing and savings

ShareFile offers comprehensive account plans, with options for companies of any size. By doing the hard work of managing and securing client data on your behalf, ShareFile saves you time and money and lets you focus on high-level tasks.

Scalability – ShareFile pricing plans are based on the number of internal users and usage. Flexible pricing on a subscription basis means that you can build a package including everything you need without paying for additional features. ShareFile pricing includes unlimited external users so your coworkers or clients can share files with as many people outside of their company as they wish with no limitations.

Server Space – As a cloud service, ShareFile brings companies the option of storing their files on secure servers located worldwide, reducing the load on proprietary servers. Storing files with ShareFile brings world-class security and ease to your customer’s file storage and transfer, without the high upfront costs required to set up and manage server. infrastructure

Improve control of data and account resources

Unlike consumer-oriented file transfer services, ShareFile provides account administrators with the tools they need to audit access and keep data safe.

Security - ShareFile protects data at all stages of the file transfer and storage process. Accounts are password-protected, and custom access permissions allow administrators to control what information each user is able to see upon login. Files are encrypted while stored on our servers, and all uploads and downloads utilize either Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption protocols and up to AES 256-bit encryption.

Data accessed on mobile devices are protected by options to remotely wipe ShareFile information from a device that has been lost or stolen. Expiration policies for files downloaded from a ShareFile app to your phone or tablet provide an additional level of security.

ShareFile support and account management – Each ShareFile account is assigned a dedicated account manager. This ShareFile expert will contact you to answer any questions during setup and can provide customized training to account administrators or the entire team using the ShareFile account to ensure a successful implementation. Account managers are also able to assist with selecting the best features for your internal or third-party clients. For any issues that may arise, ShareFile support is also available by phone and email seven days a week.

Help your coworkers and clients achieve seamless collaboration

The ability to bring your customers software solutions that effortlessly fit their workflow is one of the most important benefits you can offer as an IT professional. Cloud-based solutions can balance the need for user-friendly software with the controls and return on investment that ensure appropriate security and affordability for your clients.

Try it free or call 1-800-441-3453 for a free demo, and learn how we can support your customers’ file sharing needs in the cloud.