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"A Trustworthy, Reliable File-Sharing Solution for Architects and Engineers"

If you’re an architect or engineer, there’s no such thing as a simple workday. You touch every part of a project — at 10 AM you’re budgeting the cost of a million-dollar municipal design, and by noon you’re dispensing advice on hanging marble in an apartment elevator. While architects design and direct, engineers are busy making a job work from the ground up. Together, architects and engineers turn clients’ dreams into physical realities.

Job complications

Your job requires ongoing, real-time communication between multiple parties. Everyone needs to know everything at once, and it’s extremely important that each team member works from the correct copy of a drawing or blueprint. You share files — many, many files. The submittal process alone can involve hundreds of documents.

The formats of these documents creates further complication. They are often image files far too large to email. Consequently, you may rely on physical means to share files, either by printed copies or CDs and flash drives.

These methods are problematic for several reasons. They can be expensive and cumbersome, and they do not adequately secure your data. Printing so many documents costs quite a lot in paper and ink alone. It’s easy to lose or damage external devices, which is a leading cause of data breach; one study estimates that 46 percent of data breaches in U.S. companies involve the loss or theft of an external device.

Nothing damages a client relationship like a lost document. Architects and engineers need a better way to store, share and collaborate on documents.

The better file-sharing solution

A trustworthy, cloud-based file-sharing service, such as Citrix ShareFile, is the simplest, most reliable way for architects and engineers to streamline how they collaborate and access files through each phase of a project.


With ShareFile, you can easily access and share files with anyone you choose through a secure portal on the Internet. Unlike CDs or flash drives, you can share ongoing drafts with everyone involved in your project instantly without being physically close to them.

Store and transfer large files

ShareFile offers unlimited file storage, allowing you to transfer files as large as 100 GB so you won’t have to constantly burn all those image files to CDs. Some accounts offer versioning and archiving, so every draft of every blueprint is saved for as long as you specify.

If your clients are truly wedded to email, don’t worry; with ShareFile, you can quickly email files as large as 10 GB. Compare with that with the 20 MB that most email systems can handle, and you’ll see the benefit in not having to break files down into smaller versions for multiple emails. The big difference is that your attachment is really a secure link to a document stored in the cloud. And unlike email, it’s encrypted.

Work in the field

ShareFile also offers apps that allow you to access your files from any mobile device. If you need to view specs in the field or want the latest budget proposal while you’re talking to a client, you can look them up on your tablet or smartphone. Mobile capabilities make file sharing fast; you can work from anywhere and access documents as fast as your Internet connection.

Integrate with your workflow

ShareFile drag-and-drop features from common desktop applications like Microsoft Outlook make your document storage and transfer a simple and seamless experience, saving you time and energy to focus on the task at hand.

Keep your documents safe

ShareFile is more secure than CDs or flash drives because it encrypts your data both in storage and during upload/ transfer. It can also employ administrative features that allow you to give users very specific permissions. Need a client to see a draft of the latest drawing — and only that draft? You can email a link that limits viewing to that document alone.

Discover a better way ShareFile is fast.

It’s reliable. And most of all, it allows you to simplify your workflow and get your team on the same page. It’s what you need to have in place at your business to stay competitive with other architects and engineers now.

See how you can get more done faster and keep projects moving more seamlessly with cloud file sharing and storage for Architects or Engineers.