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A Secure File Sharing Solution Built for Your Business

By Carmen Fleischauer, Citrix ShareFile
The abundance of consumer-grade file-sharing options available today has made it possible for many individuals to send and receive large files. Many of these consumer file-sharing companies eliminate the need for email attachments and allow you to send and store files from the cloud, but don’t necessarily ensure security.


With so many consumer-grade products, is there a solution specifically for businesses? Using the cloud for storage and file share is rapidly becoming a preferred solution for businesses, both in the SMB and enterprise markets. Cloud storage reduces stress on your computer’s hard drive and allows anytime access to files no matter what device is being used.

When looking to adopt a cloud solution, consider the best option for your specific business operations. Is client security a concern? How often does your team collaborate on projects?

An easy choice for any business

Citrix ShareFile is a secure, business-grade solution for cloud-based data exchange, storage and collaboration. Built specifically for business, it allows users to send and receive files up to 10 GB and robust security precautions make it easy to trust for your business file-sharing needs.

With solutions for a multitude of industries — from investment firms to sports teams — ShareFile can boost your business.

Large files sent with ease

Email providers are slow and restrict file sizes for attachments. FTP sites are cumbersome and cause problems for clients when sending and receiving files. ShareFile eliminates the hassle of small file-size restrictions and provides an easy way to send files up to 10 GB for free.

Additionally, the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook allows you to send secure links to files without leaving Outlook. The ShareFile toolbar lets you add ShareFile links the same way as traditional attachments. Easy access to your stored files via the plugin means that your workflow is never disrupted.

Sophisticated security without complicated installation.

Sending confidential information via insecure email is a concern for many organizations. Unlike consumer file-sync and sharing tools, ShareFile enables companies to deliver an easy-to-use business-grade service that secures intellectual property while delivering the service users expect. All communications between ShareFile and the user are encrypted using either SSL or TLS encryption protocols and up to AES 256-bit encryption. The latest firewalls and computer Internet security updates ensure that ShareFile keeps data completely safe.

Immediate access to files with control of user permissions

Productivity increases when using ShareFile because daily workflow isn’t interrupted by lengthy installation or configuration processes. Less disruption means a shorter implementation process and less hassle for IT and support teams.

The ShareFile interface mimics your computer’s file folder system. Sharing files is easy with the “Send a File” link on the navigation bar; enter a recipient and click to upload. The recipient will receive an email containing a link to the file. By storing files in the cloud, ShareFile saves you precious computer storage space.

Data can be shared with users on a folder-by-folder basis. ShareFile also provides the functionality to choose which users can share folders with others. Designate which actions each individual can take, including the ability to upload, download or delete files.

On top of standard security precautions, you can choose additional levels of protection to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to files. Protect links with the use of a password or choose for the link to expire after a certain time frame. Added security measures give you peace of mind, especially when dealing with highly confidential information.

Custom reporting for easy user tracking

Need to know if your users or clients have downloaded the files you sent them? ShareFile includes a custom reporting feature that lets you track user activity. Custom reports are sent to you based on the settings you choose. A single report may contain an audit of all activity on the account, or it can be focused on specific actions or timeframes.

You can run reports on permissions or account usage to easily check if each client has access to the correct files and folders. ShareFile saves a copy of each report, providing a complete record of portal access and usage. Choose to have reports sent when activity occurs or in one consolidated daily message.

Mobile access for the on-the go user.

ShareFile is always accessible via the web interface and mobile apps, allowing you to access, share and edit secure files no matter where you are. Browse files or folders and share them via ShareFile without having to download them. You can even edit files in your ShareFile account from any mobile device. Features include builtin access to previously downloaded files, allowing users to view files without re-downloading them.

With file sync across all devices, users can be confident that they are working on the correct version of a file. The two-way sync capability makes files easy to update; changes are automatically recognized and adopted by the source location. In the event of a lost or stolen device, IT can remotely remove files and company data.

Apple iOS, Windows mobile, Android and BlackBerry mobile applications are free to download and use for all users.

Excellent customer support

Every ShareFile account comes with a free, dedicated account manager who can help with set up and support. Account managers are ShareFile experts who answer questions, recommend the best features for your specific workflow and conduct custom training sessions.

Excellent customer service is a top priority at ShareFile; our award-winning customer support team is available seven days a week. Users will always receive assistance as needed by phone, chat, email or via GoToMeeting.

As a complimentary support feature, your ShareFile web interface is customizable to your organization’s branding. Our design team will work to create a unique interface for each account.

The smart choice for your business needs.

ShareFile is made with your business in mind. We know the concerns of our customers, and we’ve worked hard to provide a solution that is easy to use and adaptable to a variety of needs.

Contact us by calling 1-800-441-3453 for a free demo, or sign up for a 30-day trial to see why ShareFile is right for you.