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8 Easy Ways Real Estate Professionals Can Boost Client Confidence

In today’s market, you need high standards of professionalism to differentiate you from your competitors. Just having the best properties or top-notch service isn’t enough anymore — clients need to know you care to become loyal. What can you do to help?

Well tuck that shirt in, and read on to learn eight ways you can boost your clients’ confidence and show them you’re the best company for their deals and investments.

1. Keep it classy.

Presentation really does matter. And looking professional extends beyond your wardrobe. Make sure your promotional collateral, especially headshots and business cards, are a reflection of your agency or firm. Try a clean look in your branding and logo. You want to attract attention for your brokerage or company without distracting people with messaging or designs that are inappropriate or incompatible with what you deliver

2. Offer an end-to-end branded user experience

Your clients’ experience begins with how they heard about your agency or company and culminates with ongoing engagement and retention. Every touch point — secure email, collateral, client portal — should offer a seamless and consistent reflection of your brokerage or firm.

3. Develop an online presence.

Have a website that says specifically what your agency or firm does? How about a social media account with frequent updates and interactions with your followers?

Online searches are the norm nowadays for people to first learn more about your brokerage or agency, so you need to keep your website and online channels as current as possible. As you update them, make all information about what transactions and other major activities your team has accomplished and plans to do accessible, available and transparent to everyone. Show clients you are organized and ready to handle any challenges.

4. Make "professional" your brand.

Make it your mission for people to associate professionalism with your brand. Doing so can send client confidence in your abilities through the roof.

And if you lack the processes or tools to always put a professional foot forward, you’re jeopardizing your own reputation as well as that of your brand. So get out there and find professional built-for-business solutions to help you get started.

5. Provide exceptional customer service.

This goes without saying, but it’s more than just providing beyond what your competitors offer. You want to give a comprehensive solution to clients at all times. This means you will need to partner with sellers, investors, builders, vendors and other related businesses that will treat your clients the way you treat them.

Combine strong collaborations with quality partners, and your commitment to superior service will shine brightly. Your clients will be left with a great impression about who you are, what you can do and how you work with others in every interaction with you.

6. Get more face time with clients.

Ideally, you want to streamline your workflow so that you spend less time on administrative tasks and more time building your client base. That includes getting out there and meeting with clients.

But to free up time to do that, you need to implement systems that make it easier for you to get the day-to-day work under control. Start with small steps: Share documents electronically to ditch that fax machine or courier service. Give clients a portal online to send you information. Set up instant email notifications so you know when clients have opened what you’ve sent them and can keep track of your work.

By spending less time on the “small stuff,” you can get out there and connect with your clients.

7. Be human, be reliable.

Being known as trustworthy and credible in providing professional solutions and services every step of the way enhances your reputation. It also wins you more sales as a result, because that will be what your clients will tell others about your agency or firm.

Give clients a reason to act as your ambassadors and tell others about you. They put a human face on your brokerage or company that is invaluable in getting the word out about it.

8. Keep your data and communications secure.

You can work without having to focus on the technology required to run your agency or firm, but do so cautiously. “Freemium” services that provide you with features they claim are coming to you at no charge often have limits that hinder your ability to communicate.

Instead, try an affordable tool that stores data securely in the cloud without space limitations and lets you send and receive large files in one document via email. It will make your life easier by putting these files under your control and allowing you to determine which ones your agents, colleagues and clients can access. You will become the ultimate professional by incorporating it into your workflow.

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Citrix ShareFile is a solution that gives you the tools you need to achieve all the recommendations provided here. You may not know it, but the way you share, sync and store your files is seen as an extension of your agency by clients. If you can customize and manage your document workflow to make it simple yet secure for them to use, you will truly increase client confidence.

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