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5 Ways To Be More Productive When Working On the Go

The office can be a difficult place to get work done. Despite being in a dedicated work space, social notifications, emails and phone calls create the challenge to be focused on just one task.

Working on the go makes this even more difficult, especially when traveling. Not only do we need to ensure meeting travel, hotel reservations and airport logistics go well, but we must also make sure meetings, presentations and other tasks are productive.

So, next time you're taking your work on the road, remember these five tips and you'll be productive anywhere:

  1. Take spare batteries. A few weeks ago my Power Point clicker was not working. I thought my computer and receiver were too far away from the clicker but in reality, the battery had died. Thankfully, I had a spare battery with me.

  2. Use a comfortable mouse. Using a notebook trackpad is fine - but for extended work, it's best to have a full mouse so your fingers won't get tired.

  3. Bring two USB thumb drives. While the world of wireless and cloud storage is convenient and secure, wireless networks can fail when there's a need to transfer files. That's when thumb drives save the day.

  4. Charge before you leave. There's nothing worse than grabbing your device and realizing that it's not charged when you are rushing to catch a plane or taxi.

  5. Have various adapters. Carry HDMI, VGA and other adapters with you. It's always better to be over prepared for a presentation.
These are just five of many tips that can help you be more productive while you're on the go. For more tips, be sure to watch The Power of Mobile: 10 Simple Ways To Be More Productive When Working On the Go.

Ramon Ray
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