Starting Right: 5 Questions Every New User Asks

Using a new platform can be exciting and, if we’re being honest, a bit daunting. At ShareFile, we’re all about ease and simplicity starting with your first log in into the solution.

We’ve hosted hundreds of webinars for new users like you. And, over time, we've noticed a rhythm to the questions that new users have.

So, to help you start making the most of your new ShareFile account, we've answered five of the most popular questions among new users.

Let's dive into these queries together and make your ShareFile journey an easy one.

Question 1: If I create a folder for an individual client, can any other client see or access that folder?

Folders and their contents are only visible to the users that you share them with.

So, if you create a folder for a client and add them to that folder, they will only see this folder when logging into your ShareFile account.

You can also set different permissions for different users, per folder. This is helpful in situations when some users only need to view what’s inside a folder, while others need to be able to upload files.

You can change folder permissions and assignees at any time.

Next steps

  •  Watch this video (45:03) on client folder permissions
  • Use this resource to get a high-level overview of assigning folders and setting permissions.
  • Use this resource to learn about all of your permission and download options. It also includes a video that walks through the steps of sharing and setting permissions.

Question 2: Can files have duplicate names? With multiple users uploading files in the same folder, how will I know which version is which if they all share the same name?

File versioning simplifies collaboration by merging files with the same name to a single stream of files allowing everyone to work off the most recent version while still being able to access previous versions when needed.

This feature is enabled by default, however, the account wide default can be modified by account administrators and each folder can be modified by folder administrators.

With File Versioning enabled, when you upload a file with the same name and type as an existing file, the new file is automatically saved as the latest version.

File versioning ensures that changes are not lost between updates or edits. Any user with download permissions on the folder can view the available file versions for a given file.

If you decide to turn off file versioning, ShareFile will prompt you to create a unique file name so that no two files can have the exact same name.

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Question 3: Can multiple people edit a file like Excel at the same time?

Yes! We have a co-editing feature that works with Microsoft 365. This allows you and other stakeholders to edit a document simultaneously.

If you do not want to edit a document at the same time, you can also check it out. This prevents others from making edits while you are in the document. Your edits will be saved when the document is checked back in.

Nest steps:

Question 4: How is a File Box different from a folder? When is it better to use a File Box?

A File Box is a short-term repository for files that you need to collect or share but don’t want to save long-term in your personal files. The File Box adheres to the account-wide Retention Policy. If no account-wide retention policy has been set, the File Box will adhere to a default retention policy of 6 months (180 days).

Temporary file locations can help organizations to comply with data retention regulations. By setting a retention policy for temporary files, organizations can ensure that files are deleted after a certain period of time, even if they are not deleted manually.

Temporary file locations can also help to reduce clutter in regular folders. By storing temporary files in a separate location, organizations can keep their regular folders organized and easy to manage.

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Question 5: Am I maximizing ShareFile by using all of its features? How do I know if something new gets added to the solution?

We are constantly improving ShareFile to make it the best solution for document-related workflows.

The best way to view the newest updates is within ShareFile.

When you log in, locate the “S” in the bottom right-hand corner of your dashboard. Click it and then click “What’s New.” You’ll immediately see a list of the five most recent updates, including links to learn more.

We also document every update in the same article, What’s new in ShareFile.  Here, you can review every update we’ve made to ShareFile, and stay up to date on everything new!

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