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5 Easy Ways to Build Trust with Your Clients

1. Listen

Better understand any situation  

Effective listening is one of the most important tools for business communication. Focus, body language, and engagement can help you better understand any situation while gaining depth and intimacy with clients.


+Shut down electronic devices

+Maintain eye contact

+Focus on the client


+Be self-aware

+Think about your posture

+Be open and inviting


+Confirm, repeat or paraphrase important parts of the conversation


2. Research

It's all about perspective

Life and business is all about perspective. Knowing a person's point of view or stance on a certain topic is the difference between building a personal relationship and alienating a client.


+Research who your client is

+Understand their company tone


+Learn about your client's background

+Do they have likes and dislikes?


+Identify and anticipate needs and conversation points

+Build rapport with your client


3. Responsive

Set a precedent

Responsiveness is a behavior played out in day to day communications that can set a precedent on how clients view your company customer service. Many clients will forgive mistakes and hiccups, but being ignored can be a deal-breaker.


+Treat a client how you want to be treated

+A quick response of "Thank you" can go a long way


+Use a "Preemptive Follow-Up" method to stay in touch. This gives the client a sense of security



Create a collaborative environment

Communication and collaboration is the heartbeat of any successful company/client relationship. Defining clear goals and understanding expectations is the first step in healthy workflows and deliverables.


+Welcome regular feedback

+Have an open dialogue


+Include clients on every major decision

+Make them feel like part of the team


+Explain your processes

+Take time to review

+Agree upon a system


5. Build relationships

Speak the language

Customers make decisions on feelings and emotions not spreadsheets and fancy proposals. Whether it's a brand or a personal relationship, speak the language and be genuine and authentic with your message.


+Use your client's name in conversation

+Give sincere compliments


+Know how to apologize

+Deal with problems immediately


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