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3 Reasons Law Firms Choose ShareFile

Law firms trust Citrix ShareFile for secure file storage and exchange . Here are three ways ShareFile can help you balance confidentiality requirements with a simple workflow.

1. Protect proprietary information with one simple solution.

Practicing law requires a level of confidentiality that often is not provided by email or personal file-storage services. Adopting a firm-wide solution can help consolidate costs, create a manageable repository for data and reduce the risk of security breach. ShareFile provides a password-protected space online where you and your coworkers can share information internally as well as with clients, opposing counsel and experts. By storing and exchanging data via ShareFile, you implement world-class security and usability features in one professional solution. Files are protected using up to 256-bit encryption during storage and transfer, and easy-to-manage user-access roles help you control how each person can interact with files.

2. Take work files wherever you go, without compromising confidentiality.

ShareFile combines the benefits of web and mobile access with the control that IT requires. Files are available from any computer, phone or tablet, so information can travel with attorneys on business trips, to the courtroom or to client meetings. Staff can complete billable tasks even when they can’t be at the office. With flexible data-storage options, ShareFile helps firms of any size achieve control and mobility.

3. Leave FTP and encrypted email behind.

When you store files with ShareFile, managing data instantly becomes easier. You can send large files and folders in a single exchange. There is no software installation required for you or your clients. ShareFile also integrates with the tools and processes you already use for the simplest possible transfers. File updates are automatically uploaded to your web-based account and distributed to other synced devices, so you can share new information and collaborate on a document by simply saving changes. Email integration brings ShareFile security and tracking features to your normal email client.

Unlike traditional email attachments, ShareFile records all uploads, downloads and more to help you confirm receipt of shared files and create detailed records of activity and access.

See for yourself why so many legal professionals are turning to ShareFile for their file sharing, storage and security needs. Try ShareFile for free today. Learn more at ShareFile for Law Firms, or call 1-888-324-0168 for a complimentary demonstration.