Create, edit and send files on the go with ShareFile QuickEdit.

ShareFile QuickEdit (formerly Byte Squared) is the simplest document-editing tool available for your iPhone or iPad. With ShareFile QuickEdit, you can create, edit and send Microsoft Office and PDF documents from any location, at any time.

Anywhere access.

With ShareFile QuickEdit, you can access and edit your files from your iPhone, iPod or iPad, whether you’re in the office, meeting with a client, or on the go. Download a file, edit a report, or annotate a PDF — all from your mobile device.

Simple editing tools.

While the document-editing tools in ShareFile QuickEdit are robust, they aren't complicated. You get effortless control over your documents - any Microsoft Office or PDF files - with intuitive functions, including tracked changes.

Cloud-storage connections.

You get 1 GB of free ShareFile cloud storage connected to QuickEdit when you sign up, but you also can import documents from and connect to other third-party services, such as your email, DropBox, Google Drive or Microsoft SkyDrive, so that all your important files are accessible in one location.

Your workflow — streamlined.

When you can access and edit files from anywhere, you no longer have to be in the office to get things done. Do your work on your own schedule — whenever and wherever you need.

Get started today with ShareFile QuickEdit

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