Our Partners

Citrix ShareFile partners with companies to expand cloud-based opportunities and provide a comprehensive solution to customers.

Advisor Websites is an industry leader providing thousands of advisors with compliant, effective websites. Our award-winning technology and exceptional, unlimited support have helped make us a go-to marketing and technology resource for the financial planning community. Advisor Websites and ShareFile have teamed up to provide advisors with the ability to access and share private documents with clients through their websites. With a discounted monthly subscription, advisors can use the most secure file sharing and storing service on the web, right from their own websites.

Applied Systems is the leading global provider of cloud-based software that powers the business of insurance. Recognized as a pioneer in insurance automation and data exchange between brokerages, insurers and their clients, Applied is the world’s largest provider of agency and brokerage management systems, serving customers throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. By automating the insurance lifecycle, Applied enables millions of people around the world to safeguard and protect what matters most.

Applied and Citrix have partnered to offer its eSignature solution, RightSignature, to North American insurance agencies and brokerages via Applied Epic, the fastest growing cloud-based agency and brokerage management system. Through this collaboration, agencies and brokerages can enhance their digital customer experience and improve productivity by automating paperless delivery of documents via eSignature capabilities directly from the management system.

Basepin CONNECT is a revolutionary collaboration tool for the construction and real estate industries that connects project members to each other for true real-time collaboration and project success—from anywhere via any device.

Basepin CONNECT partners with Citrix ShareFile to provide project team members the two essential technologies required for an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) system; project workflow management, and project document management. IPD reduces waste and maximizes efficiency throughout all phases of the project from design to closeout. Basepin CONNECT eliminates multiple logins, email attachments, zip files, FTP sites and manual data distribution. Users connect through a single point of access to interact with other project stakeholders where they can track issues, create submittals and manage BIM models, drawings and documents. The ability to perform project inspections in real time, from the job site, the back office, home office or on the go, makes project tasks easier for all team members.

BidPlanroom is an easy-to-use web application that streamlines the construction bidding process for general contractors and subcontractors and gives general contractors unparalleled control over their projects.

BidPlanroom’s bid management system helps organize documents, bidders and projects. Send company-branded invitations for bids and track the status and responses to bid invitations. Choose to list your projects as public or private and easily upload plans into your personalized planroom.

ShareFile partners with BidPlanroom to provide access to files directly from customer planrooms for quick viewing, uploading, downloading and versioning of documents. This powerful, integrated user experience dramatically improves how general contractors and subcontractors communicate.

Cicayda is thrilled to be a part of the ShareFile family, and the integration of Cicayda's software with ShareFile will give law firms a smart, easy, secure, and compatible way to move their data in ShareFile into our Reprise platform for instant e-discovery. With Cicayda's lightning fast search returning results in milliseconds, any lawyer or litigation support professional can do extremely advanced and complex tasks in the review process.

CloudPrime provides secure and easy-to-manage solutions for building healthcare application interfaces to facilitate the HIPAA/HITECH compliant exchange of protected health information (PHI).

ShareFile and CloudPrime come together to help simplify and streamline workflow for healthcare providers. CloudPrime's HIPAA compliant solution eases the interface to traditional EHR systems and then transmits data retrieved from these systems, in encrypted state, into a ShareFile repository.

Code Green Networks Cloud Content Control scans corporate ShareFile shares, searching for inappropriately placed or shared sensitive data, including PII/PHI in compliance industries.

If regulated/sensitive data should live in specific places within ShareFile, Cloud Content Control can scan the other areas where it should not reside, and move it to appropriate places in an automated fashion.

Cloud Content Control is a solution designed to scan for regulated information within a corporate ShareFile instance, and take appropriate action on this information per policies set by the administrator. It is an extension of the TrueDLP product offered by Code Green Networks to discover and prevent unauthorized transmission of sensitive data.

Collaaj is a must-have productivity tool in every business user's toolkit. It brings videos into everyday enterprise workflows, enabling video email, video FAQs, sales whiteboards and even video medical records.

Sales teams can add voice and annotations to their PowerPoints, as well as execute on whiteboard selling, straight from their iPads. Support and helpdesk teams can make video FAQs and video knowledge base articles to drastically reduce trouble-ticket volume. Radiologists can annotate over X-ray images to create video medical records. Marketing teams can create quick video email campaigns without a videographer to significantly improve email click rates. All results in significantly enriched communication.

With Collaaj for iPad, users can access documents or presentations from their Citrix ShareFile account, add voice and annotations, slap on animated titles and credits, and create good looking videos, really quickly. Collaaj videos can either be stored locally or uploaded to collaaj.com for anytime, anywhere access. Videos can be shared using secure URLs.

This solution allows health care firms, EMRs, or anyone concerned with HIPAA compliance to gather legally binding signatures in complex workflows while remaining HIPAA compliant. The CIC iSign Console allows users to pull documents from ShareFile and manually prepare them for eSignature, eReview, or eDelivery with multiple parties. The solution supports complex workflows all while remaining in a HIPAA compliant solution. The Console will guide the user through a setup wizard and upon completion of the setup, the user can send the documents to the assigned parties to complete their workflow (form filling, eSign, eReview, attachments, or final delivery). The CIC iSign Console will send unique links for each party to authenticate and then complete their assigned workflow tasks. With each action, CIC time stamps and records steps in the audit log. If a signature is applied, CIC applies a digital signature for authenticity. Upon completion of all workflow and assigned tasks, CIC adds an additional hash to the documents for tamper evidence and puts the signed documents, the audit log, and any added attachments in a Signed CIC Documents folder in the user's ShareFile account. The completed package is also sent to the signers to re-authenticate and download their forms.

The iSign Console setup is a desktop application that is supported on Mac & Windows. The signing process can occur on any device (Mac, Windows, Android Phone, Android Tablet, iPhone and iPad).

This solution can be used for any document or set of documents that need to be legally binding with actions/tasks for form filling, eSignature, eReview, or a final delivery receipt for eDelivery.

Contractors4you provides efficiency in the connection process between contractors and their customers allowing for an increase in project completion rates and successive growth for the construction industry. The expanding use of advanced technologies by contractors in the field makes partnering with Citrix ShareFile a sound step toward improving supply chain logistics and productivity.

Cotap is a simple, secure mobile messaging app for teams.

When you share a ShareFile document via Cotap, recipients will see it instantly, via a push notification on their phone, or a desktop notification if they are at a computer.

Employees use Cotap to send ShareFile documents to team members while on the go. For example, workers who need to share documents such as training materials, event recaps, new product overviews and business plans to colleagues, can do so with just a few taps on their phone, in a 1:1 or group message.

Digital Guardian is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content-aware Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Digital Guardian monitors and classifies sensitive data, and enforces data protection policies across all potential egress channels including cloud storage, email, removable media and printing. Digital Guardian has visibility of sensitive data movement to ShareFile and can apply control policies to block data transfers, warn users of confidentiality issues and ensure sensitive data is placed in the correct ShareFile directories where appropriate controls for sensitive data are in place.

WorkSite Organizer for ShareFile was created by DocAuto to incorporate the unique properties of WorkSite and ShareFile to provide an integrated system for sending, receiving and storing files securely.

As an add-in to iManage DeskSite or FileSite, you can quickly exchange iManage documents with ShareFile. Browse, upload and send WorkSite documents to ShareFile in any document view from DeskSite, FileSite or iManage integration dialogs. Then, easily send links to ShareFile files or folders directly through Microsoft Outlook, or simply copy links from ShareFile to send from another email provider.

This application bridges the functionality between iManage WorkSite and ShareFile to provide WorkSite users with quick and easy ways to exchange iManage documents with the ShareFile system. With WorkSite Organizer for ShareFile, users can send, receive and store documents from ShareFile directly into WorkSite, and utilize ShareFile’s security features to monitor and manage documents sent with ShareFile.

The pairing of eFileCabinet and ShareFile allows business users to store, search and manage critical documents while allowing safe file sharing without the hassle of file size limitations.

The ShareFile integration with eFileCabinet will allow business users to easily share files or folders directly from eFileCabinet online, retaining the functionality valued by current ShareFile users, while offering a full document management experience.

Additional functionality from the integration of eFileCabinet and ShareFile includes:
• Users can create and share links with guest users, providing direct access to files and folders.
• Allows users to request files to be stored in a ShareFile location.
• Users can map ShareFile folder locations directly into eFileCabinet directory structure.
• Additional individual notification and security options, including file expiration.

EuroSmartz was the first company to bring the functionality of printing photos, contacts, web pages and more to the iPhone when it released its “Print” app in December 2008. Since then, EuroSmartz has become the No. 1 provider of business apps for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices—achieving 3 million paid downloads of its paid applications to date.

EuroSmartz’s app "Print n Share" was selected by Apple to be featured in the "Office" iPhone TV commercial which aired globally in 2009. In 2010 EuroSmartz’s other leading app "PrintCentral" was featured as "App of the Week" in the UK and European iTunes App Stores. EuroSmartz’s apps stand out in the market for their comprehensive, multifunctional capabilities. A EuroSmartz app is purchased every 51 seconds.

The full range of EuroSmartz apps have built-in integration with Citrix ShareFile. This tight integration enables customers to seamlessly store and download files of all types directly from ShareFile to use within the app. A number of EuroSmartz apps allow customers to print, edit and email files and attachments directly from the ShareFile cloud without having to download them first. This means increased security as the documents remain in the ShareFile cloud, and are not resident on the device should it be lost or stolen.

FotoIN is a mobile solution for capturing photo documentation and automated filing to customers' ShareFile account.

Field workers use FotoIN mobile app to Snap, Tag and Annotate photos, automatically capture GPS, date, time, device, address and project info, and FotoIN embeds it all into the photos as metadata for easy filing, searching and photo documentation management. FotoIN solution can also be configured to fit customers' specific needs and workflows, including custom branding, reports and tags, and folder hierarchy.

Hubdoc centralizes your key financial docs automatically, ready to be synced to cloud destinations such as ShareFile. By combining the two, backup of key financial docs is automatic, effortless and secure. Bank statements, check images and deposit slips are automatically delivered by Hubdoc to a ShareFile account, filed in the correct folder and named appropriately. Source documents such as the invoices and receipts that back up key financial transactions are available immediately to accountants and bookkeepers in their ShareFile account via Hubdoc.

Access your ShareFile documents directly from within TrialPad.

Download all your documents, photos and exhibits to TrialPad. Organize and access during client meetings and hearings. Annotate and present for mediation, arbitration and trial, directly from your iPad. Download all your deposition, hearing and trial transcripts to TranscriptPad. Store hundreds of transcripts to review, annotate and create reports directly from your iPad.

With ShareFile + Lua, you can streamline patient care with secure, instant mobile tools that help you quickly exchange files and messages with your team – all in a way that supports HIPPA compliance.

Lua provides secure instant messaging that keeps conversations HIPAA compliant. ShareFile adds that same security to your files. By integrating ShareFile and Lua, mobile caregivers can improve collaboration with real-time, HIPAA compliant communication and file sharing.

Integrates email with ShareFile. Integration is server side and therefor client agnostic. It can be used from any device. Outbound and Inbound emails have attachments intelligently filed to ShareFile.

Provides ability to share files from the Open Text eDocs repository to the ShareFile site, maintaining an audit trail of the action within the eDocs system.

Users want to Share documents that are housed and protected by the eDocs DMS without first having to export them to a native desktop file, etc. The user can, from any eDocs search results list, right click and export a document directly to ShareFile, with an email generated link to send to the recipient(s). The link can be limited by number of downloads or time restrictions, and there are provisions to require user identification and for sender notifications when the document is accessed in ShareFile. An Audit entry is written to the eDocs history noting the transfer.

The integration allows Orion customers to seamlessly access, share, and manage documents within ShareFile’s secure vault. With the connection to ShareFile from within the Orion interface, you have the ability to generate reports and direct them to specific ShareFile folders for secure storage.

PlanGrid users who store blueprints and other construction project documents in ShareFile can upload directly to the PlanGrid cloud and share them with their team members.

Primadesk is your personal cloud management system. We help you find, organize, share and protect your online content from one location. Search for content across devices with a single search and protect content with our automatic backup feature. Primadesk is compatible with PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

+ Fully indexed search across personal online content—email, photos and documents are supported—in a single operation.

+ Copy photos and documents between web providers, or between the web and your device.

+ Email photos to anyone from any online account, right from your Android device.

+ View all recent content—emails, photos and documents—in one location.

+ Edit online content using the locally installed applications on your device.

Primadesk partners with Citrix ShareFile to provide integration of ShareFile with all the other cloud content providers. The integration allows you to move data from other content providers into ShareFile.

The integration between ShareFile and ProntoForms allows data to be share between the two systems. ProntoForms can pull CSV data from files stored in ShareFile, and use this data to configure pick lists and drive automatic population of answers on mobile forms. ProntoForms can also store the results of submitted mobile forms in a ShareFile account in various document (i.e. PDF, DOCX, HTML) and data (i.e. XML, JSON, PNG, JPEG, sound file) formats. The ShareFile file system location of files generated by ProntoForms is determined dynamically at runtime, based on user-defined rules in the ProntoForms system (i.e. form meta-data like date/time submitted, form name; or, mobile form user-provided data like answers to specific form questions).

ShareFile integration is now offered with two Readdle’s flagship products. They are quite different in nature, however they both address the question of mobile document management. The first tool is PDF Expert—an application for individual usage that millions of people are using to edit PDFs, fill in PDF forms, annotate documents and sign contracts on the iPad.

The other product is PDF Expert Enterprise—a complete mobile document management system for businesses. PDF Expert Enterprise allows companies to bring iPads into their document workflow with scalability, security and manageability.

While files are stored at ShareFile, all the content becomes available on the iPads with the help of Readdle’s products, making it available anytime anywhere.

Both PDF Expert and PDF Expert Enterprise make everyday business processes of working with documents simpler. Readdle’s customers benefit greatly from integration with ShareFile, which provides an invaluable component of document storage.

Redtail delivers web-based Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for the financial professional. Unlike traditional CRM solutions, Redtail CRM is easy to use, quick to deploy and delivers a rapid return on investment.

Redtail CRM’s integration with Citrix ShareFile allows advisors to link clients' ShareFile folders to a ShareFile Documents area within contact records in the CRM. After linking a ShareFile folder to a contact record within Redtail CRM, any files within those linked folders from within the CRM can be opened.

If your office has embraced a paperless environment, then you already understand the tangible benefits of having done so, in terms of cost, time and compliance. But, what are the benefits to tying your electronic documents to your CRM? Accessing client files from within your CRM eliminates the time required to switch back and forth between applications to access data on the same client.

By establishing this access to business-critical paperwork within your CRM, you allow yourself greater flexibility within your office with access to your actual ShareFile account. While you can apply permissioning to folders within your ShareFile account, if there are employees to whom you only want to grant read access, you can grant this to them through Redtail CRM without providing them access to your ShareFile account. Also, since Redtail CRM also offers permissioning functionality, if there are certain clients that you don’t want all employees to have access to, further permissioning can be set up within Redtail. This means that you could set up employees who have read-only access to client paperwork within Redtail CRM, and also determine which clients they have access to, so not all files would necessarily be available to them.

Implementing this integration in your office thus gives you further efficiencies within your office while at the same time giving you a great deal of flexibility in terms of file access.

Remark enables ShareFile customers to stream and collaborate on videos within their browsers without having to download and open them in a media player.

Results is an award-winning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that goes beyond typical CRM to deliver a comprehensive enterprise-level business management solution at an affordable small business price.

Results delivers a complete and flexible approach to business information management and business process automation with a focus on relationship management, sales and marketing, service delivery, scheduling, customer service, project management, resource management, timesheets, time billing, renewal billing, invoicing, order tracking, payment history and inventory control.

When Results integrates with ShareFile, files can be added or accessed within Results, allowing you to view all account information within one application. Results users can access ShareFile documents from within Results so that information relevant to contacts can be seen within one application. Results users can send, receive, sync and store files without leaving the application.

The ShareFile Plugin for Fujitsu ScanSnap allows Fujitsu ScanSnap users to quickly save scanned documents directly to ShareFile, without having to save a copy of the document to the local computer. This feature is compatible with both Fujitsu ScanSnap Desktop and Mobile scanners. ShareFile’s seamless integration with Fujitsu ScanSnap series scanners provides the most streamlined and secure workflow available for digitizing, storing and sharing documents. For current users of ScanSnap scanners, they now have enterprise-grade security and collaborative workflow at their fingertips.

Designed for the rigors of healthcare, Sfax enables you to cloud fax without printing a single physical document. Sfax allows healthcare organizations to securely send, receive, annotate, and manage faxes to eliminate manual processes and paper and maintain HIPAA compliance.

ShareFile partners with Sfax to securely send faxes and save files to specific ShareFile folders all in one effortless step via Print to ShareFile or Print to Sfax.

Need a more robust and complete way to archive? ShareFile has a new integration with The Archiving Platform™ from Smarsh, the popular comprehensive archive platform, to create the only solution that meets the regulatory requirements for both online file sync and share and immutable retention. The latter means data is stored and secured indefinitely in an unalterable, and search-ready state that makes audits and maintaining compliance simpler and more effective.

Smarsh offers compliance-related services like archiving and e-discovery in the cloud, making them more affordable and quicker to implement than legacy on-premise solutions. By adding the ability to archive ShareFile documents directly into The Archiving Platform, Smarsh eliminates the need for organizations to maintain multiple logins and separate archiving solutions.

SmartBidNet is the preferred invitation to bid software for commercial general contractors worldwide. With the SmartBidNet bid management software, general contractors can access a web-based and mobile platform to streamline their bid project data, documents and subcontractor communications.

SmartBidNet with ShareFile allows thousands of general contractor users around the world to seamlessly sync and upload construction project documents from ShareFile to their SmartBidNet online plan room. This allows users greater accessibility to project documents, more efficient file distribution, and stronger protection for data backup, archival and disaster recovery purposes.

Your paper trail ends here.

Yellow pads, loose papers, and file folders are a thing of the past. Sony's handheld letter-size Digital Paper lets you easily and securely access files, make and upload handwritten notes and annotated documents, save the files or archive for sharing with clients, colleagues, and co-workers. Increase productivity and streamline collaboration with others via shared files that show your markings and highlights. This superlative tool is durable, portable, and easy to use, with a user-friendly screen that reflects ambient light for easy legibility both indoors and out. Digital Paper makes an ideal complement to laptops and tablets.

Digital Paper is now integrated with the Citrix ShareFile cloud storage and file sharing service. Now professionals can retrieve and send documents wirelessly on Digital Paper, enabling a seamless transition between the office and a mobile location.

StratusVue is the leading provider of document management and workflow solutions for the commercial construction environment. The StratusVue System improves collaboration, consistency, and control for all project stakeholders by providing one easily accessible location where all key contract documents are created, shared, edited, and routed for approval.

The StratusVue System is an integrated, cloud-based platform consisting of three modules that cover the entire project lifecycle — from bidding, through construction and into building operations. BidVue streamlines the bid solicitation and vendor management process, PlansandSpecs improves the efficiency and tracking of shared document workflows (e.g., RFIs, submittals, change orders), and BIMfx radically shortens and simplifies the collection and turnover of asset documentation to building owners upon completion. Together with our full-service, experienced team for customer training and support, StratusVue technology empowers project teams to be more productive and organized than ever before.

StratusVue and ShareFile have integrated technologies to provide end users with the best of both worlds: the convenience of file sharing with the powerful functionality of document workflow. Files located in ShareFile can be accessed from StratusVue projects, and documents created by StratusVue workflows can similarly be distributed through ShareFile in a safe, secure manner.

Taxbot helps entrepreneurs save time and money automatically by helping them track their deductible mileage and expenses. Taxbot’s mobile app can automatically track your business mileage, digitally store your receipts, import transactions from your online banking, and more. When tax time rolls around, print out our AuditSafe report to give to your tax preparer so they can focus on strategy and not data entry. Our average user last year found nearly $23,000 in deductions saving them an estimated 10,000 on their taxes. It is a must have for independent contractors. The truth is that most accounting systems don’t hold up against an IRS audit. Plus most of them are too complicated for most independent contractors. Taxbot is simple, IRS compliant, and saves you serious money when it comes time to pay your taxes.

Taxbot partners with Citrix ShareFile to power its secure info exchange. Send your AuditSafe report in one click, securely, from any device, to your tax preparer.

Citrix ShareFile partners with TeleSign to provide ShareFile users enhanced security on their accounts. TeleSign's SMS & Voice authentication adds an extra layer of protection to ensure sensitive user information isn't exposed.

Every second, of every day, TeleSign protects the world's largest Internet, mobile app, and cloud properties by establishing and verifying Mobile Identity. TeleSign's Mobile Identity platform gives digital businesses the ability to connect a unique identity with every account to verify new registrations and authenticate existing users. TeleSign created Mobile Identity to help businesses preserve their ecosystem by detecting a suspicious user before account creation, and to better protect their existing user base from account compromise.

Tervela Cloud FastPath is a simple point-and-click web service that significantly reduces the traditional labor, complexity, time, and operational impact caused by content migrations. Cloud FastPath is ShareFile's de facto solution for on-boarding customers data from external infrastructure to ShareFile Storage (either in the Cloud or on-premise).

Cloud FastPath is a fully-automated solution for fast and secure cloud-to-cloud and on-premise-to-cloud big data transfer. It is built on Tervela’s enterprise-class Data Fabric, which powers some of the most demanding applications.

Trumpet, Inc. is a leading software and consulting firm with expertise in workflow, technology and software integration for financial advisory and legal firms. Trumpet is the creator of popular software applications including Symphony Suite, Assemblage, Virtuoso, Trumpet Publisher and other productivity applications for professional service firms.

Trumpet Publisher for ShareFile makes publishing individual documents to each client’s ShareFile folders a snap. Users can publish hundreds of reports in seconds, eliminate manual steps and significantly reduce staff errors.

Sharing files with Trumpet Publisher is fast and easy.

1. Select the list of files you wish to share.

2. Drag and drop the documents to Trumpet Publisher and "publish" to ShareFile.

3. Publish to client folders or subfolders.

Automate your publishing process today.

The Worldox Citrix ShareFile integration facilitates direct interaction between Worldox and the ShareFile system without you having to access the ShareFile web interface. With it, you can easily and securely share files with users within or outside of your organization across corporate devices, mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops.

ShareFile allows users of the Worldox Document Management system to share and collaborate with outside users. This provides a secure and managed way to share information stored in the DM repository with others.

Zapier (rhymes with happier) empowers you to connect ShareFile with the other apps you use to run your business. You can securely share large data files and automate repetitive tasks, saving you time and drudge work.

Zapier enables you to automate tasks between other online apps (like Salesforce, Basecamp and Gmail). This helps you use complementary apps side-by-side!

With Zapier there is no more waiting for app developers to build integrations. No more expensive freelance programmers. No more unreliable interns. No more lengthy deployment times.

Just you and your favorite web apps getting stuff done.

Citrix ShareFile and Zapier work together by monitoring your Triggers and initiating Actions in whatever workflow you establish. Triggers and Actions are "If something happens in application A, do this thing in application B." Without any more effort from you, data flows from one service to the other!

Zapier connects Citrix ShareFile to over 600 applications.