Fast, secure file sharing for manufacturing and biotech companies.

Whether you’re looking to go paperless or ditch your clunky FTP site, ShareFile offers a better way for the manufacturing and biotech industries to share files. Send massive files with a click. Give clients a secure file-sharing portal to access and upload files fast. Use file check-in/check-out and sync documents across devices, so the whole team has instant access to the latest version. Fast. Efficient. Easy.

"ShareFile is a ‘no-brainer’ for us. It has streamlined operations throughout the whole company, saving not only time, but money as well."

Tanya Lachlan, Deltex Medical

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Easily exchange files.


You can not only send giant files fast, but you can also request files or let clients upload files directly to your ShareFile portal with zero hassle. And email notifications mean you’ll know exactly when documents are downloaded or uploaded, eliminating lag time on every job.


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Sync files across devices.

Constant back and forth with vendors or co-workers is part of the territory. But it doesn’t have to be confusing or disorganized — with ShareFile, file check-in/check-out lets you know when someone is making changes and uploaded files sync across all devices, so your team and vendors always have the most up-to-date versions.

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Work from anywhere.


Your sales and marketing team is on the road and in meetings, but they still need access to presentations and files. The ShareFile mobile app lets you access, share and edit your files from any smartphone or tablet — any time, anywhere.


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Send files from your email.


That 5 GB design file is never going through as an email attachment. And who wants to fight with FTP? The ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook automatically converts attachments to secure ShareFile links, so you get the ease of email without bounce backs or clogged inboxes.


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ShareFile tools you’ll love.

ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Send and request files right from your inbox. Bypass file-size restrictions and add security with ease.


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ShareFile Mobile App

Access, share, edit and store files any time, anywhere, from any iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry smartphone or tablet.


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ShareFile Integrations for Primadesk, Collaaj and more

Streamline and extend the value of the tools you use with ShareFile.


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