ShareFile for Manufacturing and Biotech

Microsoft Outlook Plugin
Encrypt emails and send and request files securely right from your inbox.

ShareFile Mobile Apps
Access, share, edit and store files any time, anywhere, from iOs, Android, etc.

ShareFile Sync
Sync files from your desktop to keep your information up to date across all devices.

Secure file sharing

Whether you're looking to go paperless or ditch your clunky FTP site, ShareFile offers a better way for the manufacturing and biotech industries to share files. Send massive files with a click. Give clients a secure file-sharing portal to access and upload files fast.

ShareFile is a 'no-brainer' for us. It has streamlined operations throughout the whole company, saving not only time, but money as well.
Tanya Lachlan
Deltex Medical

ShareFile Tools

ShareFile Sync

Sync all of your files automatically to the cloud and across devices, so everyone has the most up-to-date information.

File check-in/check-out

Prevent changes to files from getting lost with our check-in/check-out feature, which lets you see who has a file downloaded for updates.

Print to ShareFile

Pull files directly from QuickBooks or any other software into ShareFile without having to download data to an unsecure local device.

World-class integrations

Easily connect ShareFile to the software and apps you use every day like Primadesk, Collaaj, Microsoft Office 365, Outlook and WorkSite Organizer.

Secure, business-class file sharing on any device

Easily share and receive large files in a few quick clicks. No paperwork, thumb drives or passwords required.  And with bank-level encryption and more than 25 customizable security settings, your business and client files are always protected.

Powerful collaboration capability

Launch a streamlined workflow to give and receive accurate, real-time feedback, request approvals and get to legally binding e-signatures.