ShareFile for Legal

Make work flow easier and clients happier 

Streamline document-related workflows

Manage the endless number of pages with a solution that helps you bypass common bottle necks.

Automate steps to focus on strategy – or, assign tasks to meet deadlines. When documents are the focus of your day, you need a reliable tool that makes it easy to collect, share, or create.

Level-up security

With ShareFile, you don’t have to second guess whether the documents you share or collect are protected. You’re data is secured with file and email encryption.

Make it easier for clients

Eliminate the never-ending speedbumps in client onboarding or collaboration. Give your clients one tool to view, upload, sign, or share whatever is needed to begin servicing the client. 

We work in a dynamic, evolving environment characterized by very high mobility. Quality is very important for us, we do not take shortcuts, which is why we needed a modern, but proven and secure IT solution to support the productivity of our employees.
Krzysztof Wiater
Managing Partner
NGL Legal

Other Major Features

Manage tasks
Make it easy for teams to cross their t’s by giving them clear assignments and overdue reminders. Keep the work flowing with seamless task management. 

Control document settings
You decide who gets to view, download, or edit each document. Set granular permissions for all of the collaborators in your workstream.  


Threat detection
ShareFile has got your back, sending you an alert if it suspects unusual activity. This includes unusual sign ins, unusual authentication, and malware detection. 

Make every send secure
Be secure without even trying. Every document or email you send is encrypted. So you can be secure without changing the way you work. 


Onboard clients quicker
Reach for the client’s hand first with an automated email from ShareFile, welcoming them to the solution and guiding them to create an account. 


Client portal
Give your clients a single source to complete all activity. From asking you a question, to submitting a document, clients will love crossing off to-dos in one tool.


Microsoft 365 integration
Connect ShareFile easily to the legal software and apps you use every day, like Microsoft 365 and Outlook, so you can access your favorite files in a single interface.


Outlook and Gmail integration
Easily email sensitive documents with internal and external users with the ShareFile plug-in.