Easily share CAD drawings, blueprints and more with file sharing built for architecture firms.

What’s architecture’s archenemy? Email size restrictions, cumbersome FTP and the general pain of sending and receiving batches of large files containing CAD drawings and blueprints.

Bypass it all with ShareFile. Share large files with 1 person or 100, all with just a click. Use ShareFile from your email — attachment restrictions don’t apply. Keep everyone on the same page with file check-in/check-out and automatic file sync across devices. Any size. Any time. Any device.

"Our staff, consultants and clients can use it right away without the need for special training or complex software downloads, and the reasonable pricing made the decision to implement an easy one."

Joe McCoy, manager, Geier Brown Renfrow Architects LLC

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Share large files — right from your email.

Give colleagues instant access to big files and project folders. The ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook converts huge attachments to links for fast and reliable delivery. You can even send a link to request a file from someone else.


Share large files — right from your email.

Work from anywhere.

Pull up a drawing while walking the job site with a contractor or access a contract from a meeting with a client with the ShareFile Mobile App. Access, share and edit your files on the go — quickly and easily.

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Sync files across devices.

Share folders and avoid back and forth on email. Use ShareFile Sync to keep files automatically updated across all devices and file check-in/check out to keep track of edits, so your team always has the most up-to-date versions.

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Easily access files.


Tired of providing tech support to clients having trouble with FTP? With ShareFile, you can send a file to anyone, and they won’t need software, plugins or an account to access it.


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ShareFile tools you’ll love.

ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Send and request files right from your inbox. Bypass file-size restrictions and add security with ease.


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ShareFile Sync

Sync files from your desktop to keep your information up to date across all devices.


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ShareFile Mobile App

Access, share, edit and store files any time, anywhere, from any iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry smartphone or tablet.


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ShareFile Print Driver and File Preview

Print PDF files from your software directly to ShareFile. And with ShareFile file preview features, anyone can view your shared CAD files (or 62 other file types).

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