File sync keeps data up to date across devices and teams

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Set up file sync and never worry about backups again

ShareFile Sync, available for both PC and Mac, is a simple application that automatically syncs a folder on your computer with folders in your ShareFile account in real-time. This allows for easy, automatic updates and backup for your data. And once files are synced to ShareFile, you can access them from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Your work doesn't have to change - ShareFile does all of the heavy lifting for you. Here's what ShareFile file sync has to offer.

Simple installation

Whether you are on a PC or Mac, the sync tool is simple to install. Available in the Apps section of your ShareFile account, you can be set up and running in minutes.

An easy-to-read status dashboard

Our file sync tool offers a dashboard, which you can view from the task tray on PCs and on the top navigation bar on Macs.

In this dashboard, you can see files that are currently syncing, recently synced files and currently checked out files, and you can start or pause the sync process.

In the folder you have synced, you'll also get a simple readout of the status of each file. Synced files appear with a green check mark, syncing files have a blue icon and files that did not sync properly appear with a red icon.

Selective sync

You may not want all of the files on your computer synced to ShareFile, and similarly, you may not need everything in ShareFile synced to your local device. So ShareFile offers selective sync settings so you can choose only the folders and subfolders you'd like to sync across devices.

File upload without having to log in

When you use our file sync tool, you automatically upload files to ShareFile when you save files to the synced folders and subfolders on your local device.

Right-click to send files or copy links to files

You can even send files using the sync tool. In the folder you have synced, you can simply right-click a file to either send it using ShareFile or to copy a link to the file to your clipboard so you can paste into an email or other location.

Instant file sync capabilities

ShareFile sync works in real-time. The second you save a file to your synced folder, it automatically syncs to ShareFile. Within seconds, a co-worker across the hallway or halfway around the world can have access to your newly saved version.

Simple data backup

The biggest benefit of using a file sync tool? Your data is synced to the cloud without any work for you. So if something happens to your device or you are on the go away from your computer, everything is always safe and waiting for you in the cloud.

And that's not all. Besides industry leading sync capabilities, ShareFile offers a robust feature set that helps businesses protect their data with secure file sharing, encrypted email and streamlined workflows with legally binding e-signature capabilities. See everything ShareFile has to offer, try it free today!

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